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Weekend DIY - Speed Up Your Mac

By December 21, 2012

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If you celebrate Christmas, you've probably got a busy weekend ahead of you, especially if you haven't finished buying or wrapping gifts, or stocking up for the holiday dinner.

If you manage to find some time to relax, or you just need a break doing something that isn't holiday-related, how about taking a few minutes to get better performance out of your Mac?

Some of these tips require a bit of cash outlay for upgrades, but most don't cost anything but a bit of your time.

Setting Up a Fusion Drive on Your Current†Mac: This nifty tip will allow you to create a Fusion drive on your Mac, even if your Mac didn't come equipped with one. All you need is an SSD and a hard drive that you're willing to erase. Put them together and you'll have a powerful startup drive that will knock your socks off.

Speed Up Safari With These Performance Tips: Many Mac users report that one of the apps they use most often is Safari. Getting a little more speed out of Safari should make browsing the web more fun; it may even help you squeeze a little free time out of your day.

Keep Plenty of Free Disk†Space: If you think your drive is slowing down, it may be because it's a bit too full. The Mac's startup drive will perform better if a certain amount of free space is always available. It's amazing how deleting a few unnecessary files can speed up a Mac's performance.

Remove Login Items You Don't†Need: Over time, you have probably installed a few apps that added a startup item to your login. These special apps run automatically when you start your Mac or log into your Mac. Most of the time, these apps are small and don't take up much of a footprint, but they still take a bit of memory space, drive space, and CPU time away from other apps. A couple of startup apps can easily turn into a few dozen or more, without your noticing how just how many you've added. This guide will help you trim down your startup apps to just the ones you need.


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