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Review of Aperture 3, Apple's Image Organizer and Editor
Aperture 3 is a workflow tool for both amateur and professional photographers. It allows them to organize images, retouch and enhance images, share images ...
Aperture 3 Troubleshooting - Prevent Aperture 3 Image Previews
When Aperture 3 fails to launch, there are a few possible causes, including a damaged library or database. Luckily, Aperture 3 Library First Aid can correct these ...
Aperture 3 Troubleshooting - How to Reinstall Aperture 3
While this is fairly easy with Aperture 3, if you're running Snow Leopard, there is one additional step you need to take before you can successfully remove and ...
Digital Camera Glossary: Aperture
Definition: The aperture is the size of the adjustable opening inside the lens, which determines how much light passes through the lens to strike the image ...
Aperture Basics - Photography - About.com
Aperture is one of the most confusing aspects of photography for new photographers (and some old hands). In truth, it does not have to be a confusing.
Measuring Aperture - Photography - About.com
Aperture is measured using F-Stops. F-Stop numbers represent a fractional formula representation of the amount of light allowed to pass through the aperture.
Understanding Aperture and How to Use It in Photography
Aperture is the term used to describe the amount of light that passes through a camera lens. DSLR lenses have an iris within them, which will open and close to  ...
How to Master Aperture Priority Mode on Your DSLR - Digital Cameras
To do this, however, you need to understand aperture. A good way to experiment with this is to use your camera in aperture priority mode. In this mode, you ...
Setting Aperture - Photography - About.com
Part 3 of our in-depth article on aperture. This section explains how to set aperture on your camera.
Aperture in Preprogrammed Camera Modes - Basic - Photography
Part 4 of our in-depth article on aperture. This section explains how to use the preset camera modes to manipulate aperture.
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