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Customizing the Finder Window Toolbar - Mac OS X
The Finder toolbar, a collection of buttons located at the top of a Finder ... You may have noticed three unusual items in the dialog sheet for customizing the Finder toolbar: Space, Flexible Space, and ... Windows Switchers and New Mac Users.
Modify the Finder Sidebar to Suit Your Preferences - Macs - About.com
The Finder sidebar is a handy place to store frequently used files, folders, and applications. It's also easy to customize. ... Keyboard Shortcuts for Finder Windows ...
How to Set Finder Views for Folders and Sub-Folders
Sep 25, 2010 ... If you want every folder to open in one type of Finder view, you're all set. But if you want to set ... Windows Switchers and New Mac Users.
The Finder Toolbar - Add Files, Folders, and Apps - Macs - About.com
You can easily customize the Finder toolbar by dragging and dropping new items onto it. ... Windows Switchers and New Mac Users · Drive Dx - Courtesy of ...
The Dock on Macs: How to Customize - About.com
Sep 14, 2008 ... Windows Switchers and New Mac Users · Using Your Mac's System ... The Dock preferences pane window will open, displaying the available controls for customizing how the Dock ... Finder - Using the Finder on Your Mac -.
Changing Your Mac's Folder Icons - Macs - About.com
Changing Your Mac's Folder Icons: To change your Mac's Finder folder icons, ... so having a distinct icon will make it easier to find when I open Finder windows.
Tips for Using Finder on a Mac Video
This video from About.com will provide some tips on using Finder more efficiently. ... You can move and resize your Finder windows by clicking and dragging with ... The Finder Toolbar - Add Files, Folders, and Apps · Customizing the Finder ...
Customizing Word's AutoCorrect Feature
AutoCorrect -- Customizing Word's AutoCorrect Feature. By James Marshall ... 6 Portable Windows Tools for USB Thumb Drives. Powered By ZergNet ...
Customizing Paint Shop Pro X - Moving & Rearranging Toolbar ...
Customizing Your Workspace in Paint Shop Pro X - Part One. By Arizona Kate .... Enhance Your Mac's Finder Windows with Default X · By Tom Nelson.
Customize the Safari Toolbar - Macs - About.com
If you get carried away with customizing the toolbar and you're not happy ... Safari supports tabbed browsing, which lets you have multiple pages open without having multiple browser windows open. ... Finder - Using the Finder on Your Mac -.
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