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Customizing the Finder Window Toolbar - Mac OS X - About.com
The Finder toolbar, a collection of buttons located at the top of a Finder window, is easy to customize.
Modify the Finder Sidebar to Suit Your Preferences - Mac - About.com
It's also easy to customize. ... A Finder window sidebar is a handy list of commonly used folders, drives, and ... Click the 'Sidebar' icon in the Preferences window.
Using the Finder on Your Mac - About.com
If you're switching to the Mac from Windows, you'll discover that the Finder is ... to learn more about how to use and customize the Finder is time well spent.
The Finder Toolbar - Add Files, Folders, and Apps - Mac - About.com
You can easily customize the Finder toolbar by dragging and dropping new items ... There's a handy toolbar located across the top of the Mac's Finder window.
Tips for Using Finder on a Mac Video
You can also choose which window will open when you open Finder afresh. You' ll also be able to customize your labels and sidebar items, as well as defining ...
Changing Your Mac's Folder Icons - About.com
Changing Your Mac's Folder Icons: To change your Mac's Finder folder icons, all you need to do is copy ... About: Macs web site, so having a distinct icon will make it easier to find when I open Finder windows. ... Customize the Finder Toolbar.
How to Set Finder Views for Folders and Sub-Folders
If you want every folder to open in one type of Finder view, you're all set; you ... to set a system-wide default for which Finder View to use when a folder window is ...
The Dock on Macs: How to Customize - About.com
The Dock preferences pane allows you to customize how your Mac's Dock ... The Dock preferences pane window will open, displaying the available controls for customizing how the Dock operates. ... Finder - Using the Finder on Your Mac -.
Change the Finder and Mail Sidebar Display Size in OS X
Select the General preference pane from the System Preferences window. ... the icon and font size for both the sidebar in Mail and the sidebar in a Finder window. ... the Mac OS X Mail Dock Icon · How to Customize the Mac OS X Mail Toolbar ...
Restore Smart Searches to OS X Finder's Sidebar - Mac - About.com
Apple wants us to use the All My Files entry so much that it made All My Files the default view when you open a new Finder window. From what I have seen and ...
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