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Use the OS X Boot Manager to Eject a Stuck CD/DVD
Eject Stuck CD/DVD: CDs and DVDs can become stuck in your Mac's optical drive for many reasons, most of which seem to have to do with the phases of the ...
Eject Stuck CD/DVD - Use Your Mouse or TrackPad to Eject Stuck ...
Eject Stuck CD/DVD: CDs or DVDs that become stuck in your Mac's SuperDrive can be a pain in the media. You not only want to get the media out of the drive, ...
Use Terminal to Eject a Stuck CD/DVD - Macs - About.com
Eject Stuck CD/DVD: Having a CD or DVD stuck in your Mac or an optical drive isn't a fun situation. And while there are a number of ways to force the media to ...
Add a Menu Bar Item to Eject a CD or DVD - Macs - About.com
Add an Eject CD or DVD item to your Mac's menu bar for a handy and always available way to open or close your Mac's CD or DVD drive.
How to Eject a CD or DVD on Your Mac - Macs - About.com
There are several ways to eject a CD or DVD from a Mac, including dragging its icon to the Trash, and using the right-click pop-up menu.
Ejecting CDs or DVDs from a Mac - Macs - About.com
Unlike many PCs, Macs don't have a manual eject button on their CD/DVD drives . You can eject a CD or DVD from a Mac using one of three methods: the eject ...
How to Eject a CD From a Mac Video - Videos - About.com
Eject a CD from a mac computer safely by using these different techniques. You can eject a cd from the keyboard, the finder and also by dragging and dropping.
What Is Your Favorite Method for Ejecting a CD or DVD?
One of the questions we seem to get asked the most here at About: Macs is "How do I eject a CD from my Mac?". Most of the folks asking this question are new ...
How to Eject CDs From Your Mac When They Are Stuck
The Mac doesn't have an external eject button on its CD/DVD drive. Instead, it offers several options for ejecting a CD or DVD. Most of the eject options are for ...
eject - Linux Command - Unix Command - About.com
Linux / Unix Command Library: eject. Learn about its synopsis, description, options, and examples.
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