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Before You Buy an External Hard Drive - Mac - About.com
External hard drives are a popular choice for bulking up a Mac's storage capacity. Externals can be used for many purposes, including data backups, storing ...
Build Your Own External Hard Drive - Mac - About.com
Building an external hard drive is an easy project that anyone can undertake. All you need is an external enclosure, a hard drive, and about 10 minutes of your ...
External Hard Drive - Choosing a Hard Drive - Mac - About.com
External hard drive enclosures are designed to fit standard hard drives, which means you have the choice of buying a new hard drive or reusing an existing hard ...
External Hard Drive - Choosing a Case - Mac - About.com
External hard drive cases come in many forms, with many capabilities. Deciding which external enclosure to use may be the hardest part of the project.
External Hard Drive - Opening the Case - Mac - About.com
Opening the case of an external hard drive is usually a simple process, but the exact method to use varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
Guide to External Drives for Your Mac - About.com
Your Mac came from Apple equipped with at least one internal drive. Depending on the Mac model you have, it could be a 3.5-inch desktop platter hard drive, ...
Increase Mac Storage Capability With an External Drive - About.com
1.8-inch external enclosure: Designed to hold a single 1.8-inch form factor hard drive or SSD. Power is usually supplied by the interface bus (USB or FireWire), ...
Installing a Hard Drive in an External Enclosure - Mac - About.com
We're going to start the rejuvenation process by installing the hard drive in an external enclosure, which will make the job a bit easier. By placing the drive in an  ...
3 Tips for Buying a Portable or External Hard Drive - Peripherals
(Here's a bonus tip for you before we start: What's the difference between an external hard drive and a portable hard drive? To put it simply, an external hard ...
External Hard Drive - Connect Your External Enclosure to Your Mac
Connecting the external enclosure to your Mac is the last step in testing your home-built external hard drive. You can connect it via FireWire or USB; your Mac  ...
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