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Before You Buy an External Hard Drive - Mac - About.com
External hard drives are a popular choice for bulking up a Mac's storage capacity. Externals can be used for many purposes, including data backups, storing ...
Build Your Own External Hard Drive - Mac - About.com
Building an external hard drive is an easy project that anyone can undertake. All you need is an external enclosure, a hard drive, and about 10 minutes of your ...
External Hard Drive - Opening the Case - Mac - About.com
Opening the case of an external hard drive is usually a simple process, but the exact method to use varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
What to Know Before Buying an External Hard Drive - Peripherals
... step, but it's a necessary one. Portable hard drives are a great way to secure your data. Here's what you need to know before you buy an external hard drive.
3 Tips for Buying a Portable or External Hard Drive - Peripherals
So you know you need to buy an external or a portable hard drive, but there's so much information out there that you're getting overwhelmed. Here we strip down  ...
External Hard Drives - What's Your Favorite ... - Mac - About.com
External hard drives are one of the best ways for Mac users to expand their storage space or create a backup system. We'd like to know what products you're  ...
How to Buy an External Hard Drive for a Mac Video
When choosing an external hard drive for your Mac there are a few things to consider. Sort through some of the options so that you choose the best external hard ...
External Hard Drive - Choosing a Case - Mac - About.com
External hard drive cases come in many forms, with many capabilities. Deciding which external enclosure to use may be the hardest part of the project.
How to Use iTunes On An External Hard Drive
Running out of space on your hard drive for your iTunes library? Fix it by moving your library to a huge, new external hard drive.
Top 1TB External Hard Drives for Music - Digital Music - About.com
Are you looking for a good 1TB external hard drive to backup music, videos, photos, etc? If you've got a large and expensive media library, then you'll want to  ...
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