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Formatting Your Word Document With Styles - Word Processing
Word's styles feature will help you apply consistent formatting to your document. Once you define a style, you can apply it to different sections of your document ...
Removing Formatting From Specific Areas of Your Document
Sometimes you will want to remove the formatting you applied to a specific portion of your document. But if you've applied a lot of different formatting elements, ...
Microsoft Word -- Copying Text Formatting - Word Processing
If you want to apply the same formatting to different portions of your document and you're not using a template or styles, there is a shortcut. Word's Format Painter ...
Excel Conditional Formatting Tutorials - Spreadsheets - About.com
Conditional formatting allows you to emphasis data that meets certain conditions - such as equal to, greater than, or less than - that you set. If the data meets the ...
Formatting - PC Support - About.com
To format a hard drive or some other storage device means to prepare it to be used by an operating system. Here's more about formatting...
Use Your Newly Formatted Hard Drive (Step 13 of 13) - PC Support
However, if you're formatting a hard drive because you're planning on removing it to sell, recycle, give away, etc., follow this tutorial again, choosing a full format, ...
Excel Conditional Formatting Rules of Precedence - Spreadsheets
The step in the tutorial covers the order of precedence Excel follows when two or more conditional formatting rules conflict.
Excel Conditional Formatting Tutorials - Spreadsheets - About.com
Excel's conditional formatting features let you control how a cell is formatted - such as changing colors - depending on the data the cell contains. If the cell data  ...
Microsoft Word -- Tips for Formatting Word Documents
Microsoft offers you unprecedented abilities when formatting your documents. There are so many options, that it can be difficult to find them all. These tips will ...
Using Formulas for Conditional Formatting in Excel - Spreadsheets
Use formulas to create custom conditional formatting rules in Excel. This tutorial includes a step by step example on using a formula to create a custom ...
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