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Optimizing Battery Life on MacBook Laptop Models - About.com
We routinely take our MacBook Pro with us on trips. We also use it around the house and in our home office for various tasks. Sitting on a sun-dappled deck with ...
Upgrade Your Intel MacBook Pro - Guide - About.com
MacBook Pro Upgrade Guide: If your MacBook Pro seems to be underperforming , it may be time for an upgrade. More RAM or a larger or faster hard drive can ...
MacBook Intel Upgrade Guide - About.com
The MacBook is one of the easiest Macs to upgrade with more memory or a larger hard ... iMac Upgrade Guide · How to Calibrate Your MacBook, MacBook Pro, ...
Calibrating Your MacBook or Macbook Pro Battery - About.com
New or old, all of the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air portables use a battery that has an internal processor designed to maximize battery performance  ...
MacBook Pro 15 - PC Reviews - About.com
Aug 13, 2014 ... Product review of the 2014 refresh of the Apple MacBook Pro 15 with Retina Display. (Aug 13 2014)
Upgrading Your Mac's Hard Drive Tips - About.com
Most SSDs use the 2.5-inch form factor, making them plug-in replacements for the MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini. Other Macs need an ...
Apple Updates Mid-2014 MacBook Pro Lineup - About.com
In addition, minimum RAM installed has been doubled, with the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display now outfitted with 8 GB of RAM, and the 15-inch model ...
Use the Apple Hardware Test to Diagnose Problems
11-inch MacBook Air (MacBookAir3,1) late 2010 and later; 13-inch MacBook Air ( MacBookAir3,2) late 2010 and later; 13-inch MacBook Pro (MacBookPro8,1) ...
Mac Upgrade Guides - Add RAM, a Hard Drive, and More to Your Mac
MacBook Pro Upgrade Guide: If your MacBook Pro seems to be underperforming , it may be time for an upgrade. More RAM or a larger or faster hard drive can ...
Resetting SMC (System Management Controller) on a Mac
Mac portables (MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air) not responding to lid ... Mac portables with user-removable batteries (MacBook and most MacBook Pros) :.
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