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What Is RAID 10? - Mac - About.com
RAID 10 is a nested RAID system created by combining RAID 1 and RAID 0. The combination is known as a stripe of mirrors. In this arrangement, data is striped ...
RAID 5 - RAID 5 Definition - Mac - About.com
RAID 5 is another striping RAID level, designed to increase the speed of disk reads and writes. RAID 5 is similar to RAID 3, in that it uses a parity bit to help ...
RAID 1: RAID 1 for the Mac - About.com
RAID 1 is one of the many RAID levels supported directly by OS X and the Mac. RAID 1 creates a mirror (an exact copy) of the data on a hard drive onto one or ...
What is RAID? - PC Reviews - About.com
An article that looks at how to use RAID to take multiple drives within a computer system to improve the performance and/or security of the data stored on them.
Use Disk Utility to Create JBOD RAID Set for Your Mac - About.com
JBOD RAID, also known as a concatenated or spanning RAID, is one of the many RAID levels supported by OS X and Disk Utility. In this About: Macs guide, we ...
RAID 0 (Striped) Array for Mac - Disk Utility - About.com
RAID 0, also know as stripe or striped, is one of the many RAID levels supported by OS X and Disk Utility. RAID 0 lets you assign two or more disks as a striped ...
RAID Types - RAID 3 Definition - Mac - About.com
RAID 3 is a striped RAID level designed to provide a performance increase by storing sequential bytes of data across multiple disks. Unlike RAID 0, which also  ...
Create a RAID 0 Striped Set: Add Slices (Hard Drives) to Your RAID ...
Add slices (hard drives) to your RAID 1 striped set. In this About: Macs guide, we will take you through the process of creating a striped RAID array using Disk ...
Add Slices (Hard Drives) to Your RAID 1 Mirror Set - Mac - About.com
Once the RAID 1 mirror set is created in Disk Utility, it is time to add slices, or members to the set.
RAID 0 (Mac): Stripe Hard Drives For Better Performance - About.com
RAID 0 is one of the many RAID levels supported directly by OS X and the Mac. RAID 0 (Stripe) splits data equally among two or more disks that make up the ...
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