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Access Hidden Features Using the Terminal Application
To access these features, you will need to use the Terminal application, located at /Applications/Utilities/. Go ahead and fire up Terminal, then check out these ...
View Hidden Folders on Your Mac Using Terminal - Macs - About.com
Your Mac has a few secrets, hidden folders and files that are invisible to you. You can use Terminal, which is included with OS X, to force your Mac to reveal its ...
Use Terminal to Eject a Stuck CD/DVD - Macs - About.com
... to be ejected, most require you to shut down. If that presents a problem, you can use Terminal to force eject the CD or DVD, without shutting down your Mac.
Translucent Dock Icons – Use Terminal to Make Hidden Application ...
Translucent Dock Icons: You can use Terminal to create a visual clue about which applications are hidden, by forcing the Dock to display hidden applications  ...
Use Terminal to Add a Dock Spacer to Your Mac - Macs - About.com
Dock spacers allow you to organize your Mac's Dock by creating a blank Dock icon that you can place wherever you wish on the Dock. You can use Dock ...
How to Copy iPod Music to Your Mac - Macs - About.com
Apple chose to hide the folders that contain an iPod's media files, but you can easily make these hidden folders visible by using Terminal, the command line ...
Use Terminal to Add a Login Message to OS X - Macs - About.com
You can perform this task yourself, with no need for any of the advanced server functions available in OS X Server. All you really need is Terminal, which is ...
How to Delete Your Mac's Fusion Drive - Macs - About.com
Using Terminal to Delete a Fusion Drive. The process of deleting a Fusion drive isn't very difficult; all it takes is three Terminal commands, and your Fusion drive ...
Talking Terminal - Your Mac Says Hello - About.com
We have quite a few terminal tricks we like to share with Mac users. Most provide clearly functional improvements to using the Mac. But sometimes, it's just time ...
Widgets on Your Mac Desktop - Macs - About.com
You can make Dashboard widgets appear on your Mac desktop by using Terminal to invoke Dashboard Development mode. Once you enter development mode ...
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