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OS X Mavericks

OS X 10.9, better known as OS X Mavericks, is the first version of OS X to abandon the familiar cat-themed names and replace it with a location-themed name. Mavericks is a surfing spot on the northern coast of California, not far from Apple's home town of Cupertino. In this category you'll find tips, tricks, and guides to help you get the most out of OS X Mavericks.

Getting Your Mac Ready for OS X Mavericks
Make sure your Mac is ready to upgrade to OS X Mavericks.

OS X Mavericks Minimum Requirements
The minimum requirements for running OS X Mavericks, and a list of Macs that support Mavericks.

Create a Bootable Version of the OS X Mavericks Installer on a USB Flash Drive
This guide will show you how to make a bootable copy of the OS X Mavericks installer on a USB flash drive. A physical backup of the installer is a smart thing to have, because it can be very useful.

How to Perform an Upgrade Install of OS X Mavericks
Our guide to upgrading to OS X Mavericks will take you through the installation process from start to finish.

How to Perform a Clean Install of OS X Mavericks on a Mac's Startup Drive
This guide will take you through the steps of performing a clean install of OS X Mavericks.

OS X Mavericks Installation Guides
Our Mavericks installation guides cover the clean and upgrade install methods. They also provide details on creating a bootable version of the installer.

Using Finder Tabs in OS X
The new Finder Tabs feature in OS X Mavericks can help you be much more productive when you're working with your Mac's files and folders.

Using Finder Tags in OS X
OS X Mavericks introduced a new Finder feature called tags which allows you to categorize files for faster search results and better organization.

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