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Readers' Choice Awards 2013 - Vote for Your Favorite Mac-Related Items


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Readers' Choice Awards 2013 - Best Mac System Utility
Readers' Choice Awards 2013 - Best Mac System Utility
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The Best Mac System Utility category nominees are listed below in random order. All finalists in this category met the requirements; they provide features or services missing from OS X, and/or they enhance existing features to make them more productive for the end user.

The Best Mac System Utility Ballot

  • Drive Genius 3 is a comprehensive disk utility that provides many more features and capabilities than Apple's Disk Utility. With more than 13 functions, Drive Genius 3 can diagnose, repair, defrag, repartition, and duplicate a hard drive. It even provides benchmarking tools to test the performance of your storage systems.
    Drive Genius 3 web site

  • DaisyDisk won this category in 2010 and is back for a rematch against stiff competition. DaisyDisk can display the contents of your storage device in an interactive map that not only allows you to see just how you're using your drive space, but also how much room different types of data are taking up. With DaisyDisk, you can easily find and remove any items that are wasting space.
    DaisyDisk web site

  • CleanMyMac is another previous winner in this category; it's back to take on all contenders. CleanMyMac is a utility for cleaning up your Mac and disposing of excess files that you no longer need. CleanMyMac has a long list of features that include removing old cache files, uninstalling apps completely (simply dragging an app to the trash sometimes leaves preference files behind), and removing unneeded localization files from apps.
    CleanMyMac web site

  • 1Password is a password manager for the Mac that goes well beyond what Apple's Keychain app can do. You can use 1Password as a standalone app that lets you set up categories to store almost any type of login, password, serial number, or banking information. In addition, you can integrate 1Password into your favorite browser, and quickly supply login information for your favorite secure web sites.
    1Password web site

  • Gemini is a duplicate file finder that can search your entire Mac or selected folders. Gemini organizes search results by type, such as music, video, or images. Gemini also helps you make decisions about duplicates by providing any available information about the files, including whether any app is using them. For instance, you may have duplicate photos, but if one is in your iPhoto library and the other is on the Desktop, you may not want to delete the iPhoto version.
    Gemini web site

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