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Readers' Choice Awards 2013 - Vote for Your Favorite Mac-Related Items


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Readers' Choice Awards 2013 - Best Backup Application
Readers' Choice Awards 2013 - Best Backup Application
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The Best Mac Backup Application category nominees are listed below in random order. The backup category is pretty wide open, and includes any app that can back up data from a Mac.

The Best Mac Backup Application Ballot

  • CopyCatX is a drive-cloning app. You can use it to quickly create bootable copies of your Mac's startup drive, as well as any other bootable drive that may be attached to your Mac, including drives running Windows or Linux.
    CopyCatX web site

  • Carbon Copy Cloner was last year's winner; it's back to take on all comers. Carbon Copy Cloner provides all the tools you need to create bootable clones of your Mac's startup drive. It can also perform full and incremental backups, sync files, and automate the backup process based on schedules you create.
    Carbon Copy Cloner web site

  • SuperDuper is a backup and cloning app that packs a lot of features. Besides creating clones of your Mac's startup drive, you can also use SuperDuper to perform incremental updates to those clones. SuperDuper can also create sandbox clones, which share your user data but isolate all system files. Sandbox clones are a great way to test out new apps without worrying about them causing problems with your Mac.
    SuperDuper web site

  • DataBackup 3 is an easy-to-use backup application that not only creates bootable clones of a startup drive, but can also manage independent backups of important user libraries, such as iTunes and iPhoto. DataBackup 3 supports full and incremental backups; you can also set up schedules to automate the process.
    DataBackup 3 web site

  • Time Machine, a backup utility that has been built into every Mac since OS X, provides an easy-to-use interface for backing up your Mac's data. Time Machine lacks many capabilities that are standard in other backup apps, such as the ability to create bootable clones, but its user-friendly interface, and the way it lets you quickly and easily find a file in its backup archives, are unbeatable.
    Time Machine web site

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