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iPhoto ‘08

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iPhoto ‘08
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The Bottom Line

New editing and cataloging tools make the latest version of iPhoto a must-have for amateur photographers. The cataloging tools can help you do the seemingly impossible: take control of a large collection of digital images.

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  • Organizes photos by events as well as date and time
  • New editing tools
  • Powerful search feature
  • Enhanced calendars and photo books
  • New printing options, including themes


  • Web Gallery feature requires a .Mac account
  • Uses excessive disk space to store versions of images
  • Can’t resize an image without exporting it


  • Groups related images as events
  • Improved editing capabilities
  • Non-destructive editing retains your originals
  • Share images using your .Mac account and Web Galleries
  • Search by date, keywords, ratings, and more
  • Add borders, textured mattes, and other effects when printing
  • Create hardcover photo books
  • Create custom calendars and postcards

Review - iPhoto ‘08

Note: Newer versions of iPhoto are available from the Mac App Store.

iPhoto '08 offers fresh new features in a package that's comfortably familiar and easy to use.

You'll notice one big change the first time you add an image to your library. In previous versions, iPhoto used a roll film metaphor, storing each new batch of images in a dated roll. iPhoto '08 organizes images by events, which makes much more sense. It's easier to remember an event (such as a trip to Yosemite) than a specific date (June 25, 2007). When you add images to your image library, iPhoto notes the creation time and date of each image. It then groups images taken during the same time period into an event. It's easy to edit event names, as well as delete images or move them from one event to another.

In previous incarnations, iPhoto was predominantly a cataloging tool, with only rudimentary image editing capabilities. It's still no threat to Photoshop, but iPhoto's new editing tools include adjustment sliders for mid-tones as well as shadows and highlights. You can now use iPhoto to help restore an image that has been over or underexposed, one of the most common problems when shooting photos.

After you edit and catalog your images, you can use the new Web Gallery feature to create photo albums and post them on a .Mac web site. Albums can include thumbnails, full-size images, and slideshows with transitions. You can even allow gallery visitors to download print-quality images, a quick and easy way to share photos with far-flung family and friends. The only real drawback of Web Gallery is that it requires a .Mac account, which is not free.

Improved features include a more powerful search engine and theme-based printing that lets you print your images with borders, special effects, custom layouts, textured mattes, and added text.

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