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Ricochet Infinity

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Ricochet Infinity: Review of Ricochet Infinity for the Mac

Ricochet Infinity

The Bottom Line

Ricochet Infinity provides hours of arcade-style entertainment with over 200 levels of play. Even after you complete the game, Ricochet Infinity offers replay value, by changing skill levels, creating your own levels, or downloading new levels from other Ricochet Infinity players.

Ricochet’s main problem is its addictiveness; as my wife says, “It’s evil.” Evil or not, Ricochet Infinity is a fun and lighthearted game that will take you back to the heady early days of arcade-style games. Play full screen for the best arcade effect.


  • 200+ levels
  • 10 unusual environments
  • 14 planets to visit
  • Fast arcade-style action
  • Includes level editor for creating your own levels


  • Graphics on some levels are simplistic
  • Recall ball control is sporadic at times
  • Ball can get lodged in inaccessible places


  • Includes game editor and level creator
  • Thousands of levels available for download
  • Two-player Mouse-Party mode
  • Recall feature lets you control direction of ion sphere
  • Different types of ships available
  • Old-fashioned arcade-style fun
  • Only $9.99
  • Time-limited demo available

Guide Review - Ricochet Infinity

Ricochet Infinity is an arcade-style game based loosely on Breakout, the 1970s game from Atari. ‘Loosely’ is the key word here. While you will easily recognize the game style, you will be fascinated by all of the additional capabilities that the developers have infused into this game.

Ricochet Infinity uses a space exploration metaphor, but it also requires you to protect you ship from marauding aliens and other hostile encounters. To aid you, your ship has certain abilities, depending on game play, including shields, rockets, and most important, ion spheres. Ion spheres are the basic weapon you use to destroy obstacles as well as aliens. There are at least 10 sphere types, ranging from small spheres that are difficult to see or control, to the Rail Ball, the most destructive ion sphere in your arsenal. Use the Rail Ball with caution, because it causes almost uncontrollable destruction.

Speaking of control, once you release ion spheres from your ship, you can remotely nudge them to return to your ship. Known as recall, this feature allows you to force an ion sphere to change its current course and, hopefully, impact an object. Not all objects are bad in this universe, however; some provide additional capabilities for your ship. These power ups are spread throughout the universe. Some are easy to see; others are hidden within objects, or require you to complete a puzzle-style sequence of events to access them.

Ricochet Infinity has a two-player mode as well as a single-player mode. Although not network-type play, you can connect a second mouse to your computer so two players can compete against each other, or play together as a pilot and tail gunner.

Ricochet Infinity is an endlessly fun arcade game, but remember: it’s evil. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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