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TypeIt4Me 4.1.1

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TypeIt4Me Review: Review of TypeIt4Me, a Systemwide Text Expander


The Bottom Line

TypeIt4Me from Ettore Software is a text expander program that can be used to replace text abbreviations with clippings, textual segments that have been assigned to an abbreviation. Typical uses are for expanding text into often-used phrases, such as professional jargon (think legalese or medical terms), email signatures, addresses, or complex code segments.

TypeIt4Me can work with any application that supports text, including word processors, email, web browsers, text editors, desktop publishing programs, and other applications. If you spend at least some part of your day typing, TypeIt4Me is a must-have.


  • Easy to use text expander.
  • Supports plain text and rich text clippings, with or without images.
  • Works with any application that supports text.


  • User interface has some minor quirks.
  • Menu bar icon is difficult to see.
  • Menu pushes abbreviation list to the bottom of the screen, which slows down the selection process.


  • Short abbreviations can be expanded to phrases up to several pages in length.
  • Supports rich text formatted clippings.
  • Systemwide text expansion.
  • Can be used to trigger AppleScripts.
  • Supports special functions and characters.
  • OS X 10.4 or later.

Guide Review - TypeIt4Me 4.1.1

TypeIt4Me is a text expander program that can be used to quickly replace abbreviations with complex text and images.

TypeIt4Me handles simple text expansion concepts easily enough, but it’s also capable of much more. First off, TypeIt4Me is a system preference, which allows it to work with any application that can accept text input. This means, for practical purposes, that almost any application you use on your Mac can be augmented by TypeIt4Me’s text expansion capabilities. TypeIt4Me can watch for the abbreviations you have created and expand them whenever they occur in any application, or you can selectively assign an abbreviation to a specific application. This flexibility allows you to assign some abbreviations to multiple applications, and others to only a single application. For example, I have three email signatures I routinely use in various email accounts. I use the same abbreviation (sig) to expand to different signatures, depending on whether I type the abbreviation in Apple Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, or a Twitter client.

TypeIt4Me clippings can be plain text, or they can include formatting and images by assigning the clipping as a rich text format. Additionally, TypeIt4Me is able to work with special characters, allowing you to insert tabs, carriage returns, and backspaces. One feature I really like when creating clippings is the ability to define a cursor location within the clipping. This places the cursor exactly where you want it once the clipping has been expanded.

Other goodies include the ability to include the current contents of the clipboard, add the current date and time, or launch AppleScripts.

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