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Adding Relationships is as Simple as Drag and Drop


In most databases, adding relationships is a cumbersome process that requires a detailed understanding of how databases work. Bento uses a different approach.
Bento Review Screenshots - Adding Relationships in Bento

Dragging the Business collection from the Source pane to the current library’s Records pane automatically creates a relationship between the two databases.

Courtesy of Filemaker, Inc.

Bento is a fully relational database, which presents a problem. How do you make creating and using a relational database easy, so easy that a user won’t need to know the intricate details of how relationships work?

Bento uses a simple approach that hides the cumbersome details. There are two ways to create relationships in Bento. You can manually add Related Record fields, just like you add any other type of field. Or you can simply drag-and-drop by holding down the shift key, selecting the library you wish to create a relationship with in the Source list, and dragging that library to the current Records pane. When you let go of the mouse button, Bento will create a Related Record field in the current database.

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