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Access Your AOL Email Using Apple's Mail

Access Your AOL Email Account Without Using a Web Browser


Although it was once a closed system, AOL now offers a very popular web-based email service. All you need to access an AOL email account is an Internet connection and a web browser, which makes it an especially handy service for frequent travelers.

When you're at home, though, you may find it annoying to keep both Mail and a web browser open, just to make sure you receive all of your daily email. It's much easier to use a single application, and it certainly makes keeping your mail organized a much easier task.

You can create an account in Mail specifically for accessing AOL email; no browser necessary. Here's how:

If You Use Mail 3.x or Later

  1. Select 'Add Account' from Mail's File menu.

  2. The Add Account guide will appear.

  3. Enter your AOL email address and password.

  4. Mail will recognize the AOL address and offer to automatically set up the account.

  5. Place a check mark in the ‘Automatically set up the account’ box.

  6. Click the 'Create' button.

That’s all there is to it; Mail is ready to grab your AOL email.

If You Use Mail 2.x

You can still create an AOL email account in Mail, but you'll need to set up the account manually, just as you would any other IMAP-based email account. Here are the settings and information you'll need:

  1. Account type: Select IMAP.

  2. Email address: aolusername@aol.com

  3. Password: Enter your AOL password.

  4. User name: Your AOL email address without the ‘@aol.com.’

  5. Incoming Mail Server: imap.aol.com.

  6. Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): smtp.aol.com.

Once you supply the above information, Mail should be able to access your AOL email account.

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