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The 10 Applications I Always Install on My Macs


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Top 10 Applications I Install on My Macs: 1Password
Top 10 Applications I Install on My Macs - 1Password

1Password 3

Courtesy of Agile Web Solutions

1Password is a handy password manager that frees me from having to maintain a list of login data for all of the various sites and services I use daily on my Mac. Besides login information, I also keep application serial numbers in 1Password, which is one reason why its one of the first applications I install.

If I had to install applications without having 1Password available, I would waste a great deal of time running down licenses and serial numbers. Instead, 1Password puts the information at my fingertips, letting a new install on a Mac go very smoothly.

1Password was a Reader's Choice award runner up in 2010, as well as a Tom's Budget Software Pick in 2009. You can find out more about 1Password at the publisher's web site.

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