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Tom’s Budget Software Picks

Quality Software, Extraordinary Value



Blast: Tom’s Budget Software Picks - Quality Software, Extraordinary Value

Blast from Apparent Software is a very handy application that keeps track of your most recently used documents, folders, and applications. With one click of the Blast menu bar icon, you have quick and easy access to a list of items you're recently worked on.

Blast is flexible, allowing you to display all recent items, or just documents, images, videos, music, folders, or applications. Blast also has a favorites sidebar you can populate with any items you would like to access quickly and easily.


Flagit!: Tom’s Budget Software Picks - Quality Software, Extraordinary Value

If you use Apple Mail as your primary email application, you're going to love Flagit! from Tasty Apps. Flagit! is a Mail add-on that lets you mark messages with different flags and colors. You can use Flagit! to mark messages as urgent, to do, ignore, or pending. You can also customize Flagit! with your own flags.

Money 3.6

Money 3.6: Tom’s Budget Software Pick

Money 3.6 from Jumsoft is a lightweight and easy to use financial management application that can handle the typical transactions most users need. Geared for individuals or families, Money can also work for home businesses or a small business just starting out.

You can use Money to handle a variety of account types, including savings, checking, cash, credit cards, investments, and loans. You can also use its built-in budgeting system to keep your finances in check.

Quiet Read

Quiet Read: Tom’s Budget Software Pick

Quiet Read is a very basic application that fills an important need in my daily Mac use. When I'm researching projects, news, and events for About: Macs, I frequently come across links to stories I either want to read later or save for future reference. In the past I would drag the URL to my desktop, or use the browser to create a bookmark, but both of these solutions result in clutter. Who needs more stuff on the desktop or more bookmarks?

Home Inventory 2.01

Home Inventory 2.01: Tom’s Budget Software Pick

Home Inventory from Binary Formations has all of the capabilities you'd expect, such as the ability to track household items, enter data easily, include images in records, and categorize items. But Home Inventory goes a little further, by not only making the data gathering process easy, but also having some unique capabilities that set it apart from other home inventory applications.


Djay - Tom’s Budget Software Picks

Djay puts the power of a professional DJ in your hands. Using a simple dual-turntable interface, and the music in your iTunes Library, you can play one cut while you select and cue up the next song on the second turntable. Djay offers many tools for inspiring and professional DJs, including on-the-fly beat and tempo detection so you can easily match up two songs and create great transitions.


CosmoPod - Tom’s Budget Software Picks

One question I'm frequently asked is, "How can I save videos I see on the web to my Mac?" There are a number of different ways to save videos, but one of the easiest is CosmoPod, from Cocoamug Software. CosmoPod is a Safari plug-in. Once you install it, it adds a CosmoPod button to your Safari address bar.

My Living Desktop

My Living Desktop: Tom’s Budget Software Picks - Quality Software, Extraordinary Value

At its heart, My Living Desktop from Amuse Inc. is a simple video desktop background and screen saver. Ho-hum, right? Not exactly. My Living Desktop caught my attention because it has a nice set of features that lets you tailor how My Living Desktop works, as well as import your own movies for use as desktop or screen saver backgrounds.


HoudahGeo: Tom’s Budget Software Picks - Quality Software, Extraordinary Value

HoudahGeo simplifies the geocoding of pictures you have taken. It can use the GPS information from your camera to pin your pictures to a map. But you don't need a GPS-enabled camera to reap the benefits of geocoding. In fact, I found the real strength of HoudahGeo to be how easily it lets me add location information to my collection of images, all of which came from non-GPS-enabled cameras.


MyStuff: Tom’s Budget Software Picks - Quality Software, Extraordinary Value

MyStuff from Minder Softworks provides a handy way to keep track of the stuff you buy. Combining PDF storage and home inventory, MyStuff can maintain copies of all of your product receipts and manuals.

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