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Tom’s Budget Software Picks

Quality Software, Extraordinary Value


Each week I pick a software application that meets our goals for quality software with extraordinary value. I’ll be looking at software from every category, including utilities, games, productivity, development, education, graphics, and multimedia, and then highlighting the best one I discover each week. If you have any suggestions, stop by and submit your Software Nomination.

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iBank 4


A little over a year ago, I chose iBank 3 as one of my software picks. I was impressed with how full-featured the software was, and how easy it was to use.

Well, IGG software has released iBank 4, and after taking a look at it, I have to say this is a great update. All features are still easy to access, and some of the new features make the upgrade well worthwhile.


MacPilot: Tom’s Budget Software Pick

MacPilot is another one of those wonderful tools for tweaking your Mac's system. What sets it apart from other tools is the breadth of its capabilities. With everything from creating symbolic links to setting the Dock to use transparent icons for hidden applications, MacPilot can do a great deal.


Ringies: Tom’s Budget Software Pick

ingies from MiniIT Games is a variation on the classic match three game. Instead of a square or rectangular playing field, Ringies uses free-form shapes that usually produce multiple rings. Wherever the rings cross, you can attempt to match three or more colored Ringies.


CleanMyMac: Tom’s Budget Software Pick

If you're like most Mac users, you install more applications than you actually use, from game demos that don't turn out to be that much fun, to applications you use so infrequently that you've forgotten they're still installed. Whether you're using them or not, applications can bring along or leave behind a lot of stuff, from caches and logs to debugging tools that only a developer needs.

CleanMyMac from MacPaw is an easy-to-use application that can find all of the leftover stuff that's clogging up your Mac and taking up precious drive space.


Permute: Tom’s Budget Software Pick

Permute, from Fuel Collective, is an A/V conversion tool that supports 30 preset audio and video formats to make converting from format to another a simple drag-and-drop process.

IconBox 2.0

IconBox 2: Tom’s Budget Software Pick

IconBox 2.0 from ChickenByte is a general-purpose icon manager that lets you store, organize, and change all of your Mac's icons, from the Dock to the desktop.

Print Window 4

Print Window 4: Tom’s Budget Software Pick

Print Window 4 is a handy utility that brings back a simple printing service that has been missing since Apple introduced OS X: the ability to print a list of a folder's contents.

Hands Off!

Tom’s Budget Software Picks - Hands Off!

Hands Off! from Metakine monitors your Mac for any application that attempts to access your local network, the Internet, or your local disks. Hands Off! sits in the background and pops up a window when an application tries to phone home or perform any number of other questionable tasks.

TinkerTool System Release 2

Tom’s Budget Software Picks - TinkerTool System Release 2

TinkerTool System Release 2 is a collection of utilities designed to help you administrate, repair, and maintain your Mac.

TinkerTool System Release 2 does a lot, and to make it easy to use, the developer, Marcel Bresink, organized all of the tools into a familiar pane system reminiscent of Apple's System Preferences.


Tom’s Budget Software Picks - JABMenu

JABMenu is a menu bar tool that provides a really easy way to access your Address Book data at a system-wide level. Instead of keeping Address Book always running, and switching applications just to check an address or phone number, you can use JABMenu to search, sort, and find contact information.

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