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Mac Reviews: Hardware and Software Product Reviews for the Macintosh


Looking for a new Mac or that must-have software application? Not sure which peripheral will best suit your needs? This is the place to start your search. We have gathered product reviews and buying guides for the majority of devices and applications associated with using a Macintosh, choosing the right Mac for your needs, and selecting hardware and software.
  1. Hardware: Macintosh Computers
  2. Hardware: Peripherals
  3. Software: Apple Software
  4. Software: Backup Software
  5. Software: Educational and Reference Software
  1. Software: General Software
  2. Software: Graphics Software
  3. Software: Image and Photo Editing Software
  4. Software: System Utilities
  5. Software: Virtualization Software for Running Windows on Your Mac

Hardware: Macintosh Computers

Mac Reviews: Hardware and Software Product Reviews for the Macintosh

Macintosh computers, affectionately known as Macs, are available in many configurations, from professional desktop machines to small portable notebooks. Apple has a Macintosh model in just about every product category, so finding the Mac that fits your needs should be both easy and fun.

Hardware: Peripherals

Mac Reviews: Hardware and Software Product Reviews for the Macintosh

Your Mac is meant to connect to other devices; printers and monitors come to mind right away, but don’t forget external hard drives, scanners, keyboards, and mice. By adding the right peripheral, you can change your Mac from the workhorse it naturally is into a super thoroughbred that meets your specific needs.

Software: Apple Software

Mac Reviews: Apple Software

Apple not only produces some of the best computers, it is also at the forefront of software innovations. With both consumer applications, many of which are included when you purchase a Macintosh, and professional applications in the multimedia realm, you may find that Apple software deserves a place on your computer.

Software: Backup Software

Backup software is an essential tool for every Mac user. Using your Mac without backing up your data is like driving without a seatbelt. Most of the time, you’ll never need the safety it provides. But if you ever do need it, you’ll be thankful it’s there.

Software: Educational and Reference Software

The educational software category covers a broad range of products, from software that focuses on specific subjects, such as math, science, and language arts, to software that cleverly mixes puzzles and arcade-style games with problem-solving, logic, deductive reasoning, and memory-building challenges. The reference category includes dictionaries, gardening, cooking, and writing.

Software: General Software

The bulk of software eventually found on most Macs comes not from Apple but from dedicated third-party developers. From large developers like Adobe and Microsoft, to small one-person operations, a rich selection of applications is available for your Mac.

Software: Graphics Software

The graphics software category covers software that doesn't fit easily into a single category or occupies a niche market. This category includes interior design and decoration software, animation software, image manipulation software, and software for creating business cards, CD/DVD covers, labels, and other specialty items.

Software: Image and Photo Editing Software

Image editing software, also called photo editing software, ranges in price from free to hundreds of dollars. There are two basic categories of image editing software; one is designed for professional (and dedicated hobbyist) photographers; the other is designed for amateur and casual photographers.

Software: System Utilities

System utilities are applications that enhance the capabilities of the Mac OS. They can be from Apple or third-party developers.

Software: Virtualization Software for Running Windows on Your Mac

Ever since Apple made the move to Intel processors, Macs have enjoyed the added benefit of being able to run Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as OS X.

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