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How to Transfer Purchased Content From Your iPod to Your Mac


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iPod to Mac - Before You Begin
iPod to Mac

Your iPod probably contains all your iTunes library data.

Courtesy of Apple

iPod to Mac copying has long been frowned upon by Apple. But since iTunes 7.3, Apple has allowed iPod to Mac copying, for transferring iTunes libraries from one computer to another, and, more importantly in my estimation, for using your iPod as a backup device. After all, your iPod probably contains a complete copy of your iTunes library.

Nevertheless, I don't recommend relying on your iPod as a backup device. I think of an iPod more as a backup of last resort, one that you actually shouldn't ever need to use, because you create regular backups on other media.

You do make backups, right? No? Well, this is a good time to start. If all of your music is on your iPod, your iPod can serve as your backup. By following these instructions you should be able to copy your music, movies, and videos from your iPod to your Mac, using iTunes.

iTunes 7.3 or Later

Starting with version 7.3, iTunes includes a new feature that lets you copy purchased music from your iPod to the iTunes library on your Mac. This feature works with all Apple DRM-protected tracks, as well as iTunes Plus tracks, which are DRM free.

What You Need

  1. An iPod with your content intact.

  2. A Mac in fully operational condition.

  3. iTunes 7.3 or later

  4. An iPod syncing cable.

Need instructions for a different version of iTunes or OS X? Then take a look at: Restore Your iTunes Music Library by Copying the Music From Your iPod.

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