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Install an Internal Hard Drive in Your Mac Pro


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What You Need to Install a Hard Drive
Install an Internal Hard Drive in Your Mac Pro

Everything you need to install a SATA drive in your Mac Pro.

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Installing up to four internal hard drives in a Mac Pro is an easy do-it-yourself project that almost anyone can feel comfortable tackling.

Even an easy project goes better with a little advance planning, though. You can make the installation go quickly and smoothly by preparing your work area ahead of time.

What You Need

  • One or more hard drives. The drive(s) should conform to either SATA 1 or SATA 3 specifications. SATA is a very common type of hard drive, so it should be easy to locate and purchase one, either locally or online.
  • A screwdriver, preferably a Phillips #1, although in a pinch, a #2 will also work.
  • A clean work area. You will be working with a number of small screws; don't risk losing any of them in a mish-mash of clutter.
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