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Install an Internal Hard Drive in Your Mac Pro


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Remove the Side Access Panel
Install an Internal Hard Drive in Your Mac Pro

When you open the side access panel, you will see the hard drive sleds.

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The easiest way to access the Mac Pro's inner workings is to position it so that the side of the case that has an Apple logo on it is facing you.

If you have an adjustable lamp or light fixture, position it so that its light shines on the inside of the Mac Pro.

Open the Case

  1. Lift the access latch on the back of the Mac Pro.
  2. Tilt the access panel down. Sometimes the panel will stay in an upright position, even with the access latch open. If this happens, grab the sides of the access panel and gently tilt it down.
  3. Once the access panel is open, put it on a towel or other soft surface, to prevent its metal finish from getting scratched.
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