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Install an Internal Hard Drive in Your Mac Pro


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Reinstall the Sled
Install an Internal Hard Drive in Your Mac Pro

Gently push the sled back into place.

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Putting the sled back where it came from is a simple process. First, as you did when you removed the sled, make sure the access latch on the back of the Mac Pro is in the up position.

Slide the Sled Home

  1. Now that the new hard drive is attached to the sled, align the sled with the drive bay opening and gently push the sled into place, so that it's flush with the other sleds.
  2. To reinstall the access panel, put the bottom of the panel into the Mac Pro, so that the set of tabs on the bottom of the panel catch the lip at the bottom of the Mac Pro. Once everything is aligned, tilt the panel up and into position.
  3. Close the access latch on the back of the Mac Pro. This will lock the hard drive sleds in place, as well as lock the access panel.

That's all there is to it, other than to reconnect the power cord and all the cables you disconnected back at the beginning of this project. Once everything is connected, you can turn your Mac Pro on.

You will probably need to format the new hard drive before you can use it. You can do this with the Disk Utilities application, which is located in the Applications/Utilities folder. If you need help with the formatting process, check out our Disk Utilities guide.

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