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Didi & Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating

By Tom Nelson and Mary F. O'Connor

Didi & Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King Educational Software - Review Didi & Ditto First Grade

Didi & Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King

Courtesy of Kutoka Interactive

The Bottom Line

Designed for boys and girls ages 5 through 7, Didi & Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King isn’t the first educational software program to cover multiple subjects, but it covers a broader range than most, including addition and subtraction; shapes and forms; letters, spelling, rhymes, and nouns; identifying, classifying, and sorting objects; map reading; color mixing; creating and playing music; drawing; and problem solving.

It also offers more activities than most, making it a good value. In addition, kids can play the game as either character, with slightly different results, which adds to the replay value.

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  • Quirky, appealing characters.
  • Larger than usual collection of activities.
  • Good blend of educational activities and arcade-style games.
  • Covers a broad range of subjects.
  • Good replay value.


  • Audio quality is sometimes poor and difficult to understand.
  • Instructions aren’t always clear.
  • Some activities are difficult to find and access.


  • Hybrid (Mac and Windows) CD
  • Builds skills in math, literacy, science, problem solving, and creativity
  • Kids can play as Didi or Ditto
  • Adventure mode includes 16 activities
  • Teacher mode provides access to specific activities
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Evaluation Report for parents to track progress

Guide Review - Didi & Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King

When you think of cute animals, beavers probably aren’t the first ones that come to mind - or the second or third, for that matter. But Didi and Ditto, the brother-and-sister twins in Didi & Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King, are charming and appealing. Didi is more impulsive than her brother, and sees herself as the management half of the team. Ditto likes to think before he acts, and is equally sure that he is the more responsible of the two.

Didi and Ditto face a daunting challenge: to protect their valley from the Wolf King and his minions. Not to worry; the outcome is based on cleverness, not fighting skills.

The Wolf King wants to take over the twins’ valley, with the valley’s residents doing all the work and his lieutenants doing the hard job of managing everyone. Didi and Ditto strike a deal with the Wolf King. If they can prove they’re smarter than the wolves, the wolves will leave the valley forever. If the wolves win, Didi and Ditto will become their permanent servants.

The game has two modes and three levels of difficulty. The colorful interface is fun to explore, and the characters are lively and engaging. Adventure mode includes 16 activities, which can be played in any order. We prefer this to games that force you to follow a linear progression. Parents can select Teacher mode for direct access to the activities, as well as the progress-tracking feature.

We were delighted with the quality and variety of activities in Didi & Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King, but disappointed that some of the activities were difficult to find, because the access points are hidden in various parts of the screen. Instructions aren’t always as clear as they could be, and getting the instructions to repeat is not an intuitive process. For these reasons, we had to give Didi & Ditto First Grade a lower rating than it otherwise deserved.

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