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EndNote X1 for Mac OS X

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By Tom Nelson and Mary F. O'Connor

EndNote X1 for Mac OS X - Review of EndNote X1

EndNote X1 for Mac OS X

Courtesy of Thomson ResearchSoft

The Bottom Line

With the exception of a steep learning curve, particularly for individuals who are new to assembling bibliographies, EndNote X1 for Mac OS X is near perfection. It’s packed with features, and new or updated connection files, import filters, and output styles are available free for downloading from the Thomson ResearchSoft web site.

The help files are comprehensive and well written; unlike some software programs, you won’t need to purchase a separate book just to figure out how to use EndNote X1 for Mac OS, although you may need to be dedicated and patient if you want to take full advantage of its many features.


  • Powerful research tools.
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Word.
  • Updated content available free for downloading.
  • Well-written and extensive user guide.


  • Can be overwhelming for new researchers/bibliographers.
  • Expensive if your research needs are occasional.
  • New Mac versions lag behind new Windows versions.
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later


  • Mac and Windows versions available
  • Educational discount available with student I.D.
  • 46 customizable reference types
  • Supports up to 45 attachments per reference
  • Includes image management and organization features
  • Preview selected references in more than 2,800 bibliographic styles
  • More than 600 filters for online database providers
  • Powerful search feature
  • Works and shares file across networks and mixed platforms

Guide Review - EndNote X1 for Mac OS X

EndNote X1 for Mac OS X is a powerful, full-featured, and indispensable research assistant that never needs a break. It can’t do all of your work for you, but it can make the work much easier and your time more productive.

EndNote X1 is primarily designed for performing research online, although you can enter information from any source. You can use EndNote X1 to search online bibliographic databases, and many other online resources. It includes more than 2,800 predefined connection files; simply select a connection and you’re off and running. (Many resources require a user or group ID and password, which you’ll have to obtain on your own.)

EndNote X1 provides preset access to hundreds of online reference resources, including Books in Print, the Library of Congress, Ovid, Carnegie Mellon University, Web of Science, Medline, PubMed, and Cornell University. You can search for information by author, title, keyword, ISBN, or year. If you can't find the references you need online, you can also enter references manually. When your research is complete you can use one of the nearly 200 included templates to prepare your manuscript.

Other notable features include a collection of more than 3,300 bibliographic styles; more than 600 import filters; drag-and-drop file linking; and Cite While You Write, which adds a floating toolbar to Microsoft Word, so you can create your bibliography as you write. You can also switch between the two programs with the click of an icon.

Although EndNote X1 can be a little overwhelming for new users, and those of us who haven’t created bibliographies in a very long time, we were able to jump right in, thanks to the included Getting Started Guide, which walked us through the process of setting EndNote’s preferences, entering references, searching remote databases, and importing references.

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 5 out of 5
""New B"" to Bibliographies, Member Regular_Joe_007

This is a great review. I had purchased EndNote for Mac a couple of years ago, but it was (and still is) overwhelming. Thanks for this review, I feel motivated to start the learning process all over again.

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