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Snow Leopard Coverage

Get Ready For Snow Leopard


Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) will make its first public appearance in September 2009. To help you get ready for the newest OS from Apple, here are links to all of the Snow Leopard features, articles, tips, and blog entries on About: Macs.

WWDC: Snow Leopard

Blog: Today Apple previewed Snow Leopard, the next version of the OS X operating system. Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) will be available in September, although no specific date was given.

Snow Leopard concentrates on improving the underlying technologies of OS X, but Apple was also able to add a few new features to keep us satisfied.

Get Ready For Snow Leopard

Blog: If you have a PowerPC-based Mac, you’ve probably already heard the bad news that it won’t be able to run Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6). That’s not to say your Mac will stop working. It will run fine in September, just as it does today. And it’s my belief that Apple will continue to support OS X 10.5, and provide security-related updates for the foreseeable future.

But if you want to move to Snow Leopard, and you’ve been looking longingly at Intel-based Macs but they’re just not in your budget, there are a couple of options that might work for you. One is a used Mac; the other, my personal favorite, is a refurbished Mac from the Special Deals section of the Apple Store.

Some Snow Leopard Features Only for the Newest Macs?

Blog: While looking through the material at Apple’s web site about the upcoming Snow Leopard, I was surprised to find that two of the new features will only be available for the newest of Macs. One of the features is only available for the least costly newest Macs.

Preview of OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Article: Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) marks a turning point in Apple’s OS development. Apple chose to use Snow Leopard to clean out the dust bunnies that had accumulated in OS X over the years. By doing so, Apple created a faster, leaner OS that is less likely to have stability problems and should prove to be a superior foundation for things to come.

Apple also broke with another OS X tradition. It will release Snow Leopard in both a full retail version and, a first for OS X, a low-cost upgrade for current Leopard users.

Snow Leopard Technologies: Grand Central Dispatch

Article: Snow Leopard introduces Grand Central Dispatch, a technology that promises to make using all of your Mac’s available processors as easy as using a single processor. About: Macs looks at what makes up this technology and how end users will benefit from it.

Snow Leopard Technologies: OpenCL

Article: Snow Leopard packs a great deal of new technology under its hood. In this look at Snow Leopard technologies, we examine OpenCL, which will help your Mac make better use of your graphics card’s GPUs (Graphics Processing Units).

Snow Leopard Technologies: 64-bit

Article: Snow Leopard moves the entire Mac operating system to a 64-bit architecture. Mac users may feel a bit ho-hum about this. After all, we have enjoyed 64-bit processors since the G5 line of PowerPC Macs. However, while the G5 processor used a 64-bit architecture, its RAM space was limited to 4 TB (terabytes), a 42-bit RAM bus. The existing operating systems, Tiger and Leopard, used a 32-bit kernel and drivers, although they did support 64-bit processes.

Snow Leopard Technologies: QuickTime X

Article: QuickTime X, part of Snow Leopard, has been rewritten as a 64-bit application built on Cocoa, Apple’s object-oriented programming environment. The QuickTime X player uses the Core Animation, Core Audio, and Core Video technologies built-in to Snow Leopard to provide very clean, jitter-free playback of multimedia content. And as a 64-bit application, QuickTime X is able to use Snow Leopard’s Grand Central Dispatch feature to not only launch faster, but also produce stunning results that take advantage of Apple’s ColorSync standards to render high quality color playback.

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