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Macs in Professional Use

The Mac is a key player in many professional arenas, from schools and science labs to recording studios and movie studios. Discover new professional uses for your Mac.
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Aperture 3: Review of Aperture 3
Aperture 3 is a workflow tool for amateurs and professional photographers. It allows them to organize images, retouch and enhance images, share images with others, and manage the photo printing process.

How to Prevent Adobe CS4's 'Application Has Moved' Error Message
Application Has Moved: This application has been moved from the location in which it was originally installed. Some settings need to be repaired. About: Macs shows you how to fix this annoying bug in Adobe CS 4.

Embedded Color Profile Test
Apple provides a collection of images that can be used to test the accuracy of applied embedded color profiles in applications and output devices.

Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe Photoshop has been the standard for image manipulation on the Mac for an eternity. Check out the pros and cons of the latest version of Photoshop.

Calibrate Your Monitor
Jacci Howard Bear, About’s Guide to Desktop Publishing, takes you through the steps to calibrate your monitor for accurate color reproduction.

Correcting Perspective Distortion with The GIMP
Whenever I play tourist in a big city, both my neck and my camera strain upwards to view tall buildings. Without a pan and tilt lens, any images I shoot fall victim to perspective distortion. See how Sue Chastain, About’s Guide to Graphics Software, corrects this problem with The GIMP, a free graphics application.

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