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How to Prevent Adobe CS4's 'Application Has Moved' Error Message

Silence CS4's Pesky Notification


How to Prevent Adobe CS4's 'Application Has Moved' Error Message

If you see the 'Application Has Moved' error message, you can correct the problem by creating an alias for the application.

The Adobe CS4 series of applications allows you to specify a location for the installation other than the default location, which is the /Applications folder. If you take Adobe up on this installation option, you may find yourself being reprimanded whenever you launch one of the CS4 applications by double-clicking one of its document files or by specifying which application should be used to open a file.

For instance, if you have an image you want to open in Photoshop you can right-click the image and select 'Open With' and then 'Photoshop CS 4' from the pop-up menu. If you installed Photoshop in the default location, all will be well, but if you installed it somewhere else, you will see the following message:

"Application Has Moved: This application has been moved from the location in which it was originally installed. Some settings need to be repaired."

You are given the option to 'Cancel' or 'Repair Now.'

Don't bother with Repair Now; it won't help. Clicking either button will allow the application to launch, but it won't load the file you were trying to open. You can still use the application's Open command to open the file, but it's a bother, and Adobe should have corrected this problem, which dates back a few versions of its Creative Suite.

Adobe hasn't fixed the problem, but you can. Here's how.

Fix the 'Application Has Moved' Issue

To correct this issue, you must either reinstall CS4 to the default location, or create aliases in the Applications folder that point to the location of the CS4 applications. Here's how to do that, using Photoshop as an example.

  1. Open a Finder window and navigate to where you installed Adobe CS4. In our example, that location is /Applications/Adobe CS4/.
  2. Right-click on the Adobe Photoshop CS4 folder and select 'Make Alias' from the pop-up menu.
  3. An alias will be created, with the name 'Adobe Photoshop CS4 Alias.'
  4. Move the alias to the /Applications folder.
  5. Change the name of the alias from 'Adobe Photoshop CS4 Alias' to 'Adobe Photoshop CS4.'
  6. Repeat for each Adobe CS4 application that is giving you the 'Application Has Moved' error message.

Creating multiple aliases will clutter your Applications folder up a bit, but it's less time consuming than the alternative, which is to uninstall and then reinstall CS4.

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