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Mac Printer Sharing: Mac Printer Sharing With Windows XP


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Mac Printer Sharing - Configure the Workgroup Name
Mac Printer Sharing: Configure the Workgroup Name

If you want to share a printer, the workgroup names on your Macs and PCs must match.

Windows XP uses a default workgroup name of WORKGROUP. If you haven’t made any changes to the workgroup name on the Windows computers connected to your network then you’re ready to go, because the Mac also creates a default workgroup name of WORKGROUP for connecting to Windows machines.

If you have changed your Windows workgroup name, as my wife and I have done with our home office network, then you’ll need to change the workgroup name on your Macs to match.

Change the Workgroup Name on Your Mac (Leopard OS X 10.5.x)

  1. Launch System Preferences by clicking its icon in the Dock.
  2. Click the ‘Network’ icon in the System Preferences window.
  3. Select ‘Edit Locations’ from the Location dropdown menu.
  4. Create a copy of your current active location.
    1. Select your active location from the list in the Location sheet. The active location is usually called Automatic, and may be the only entry in the sheet.
    2. Click the sprocket button and select ‘Duplicate Location’ from the pop-up menu.
    3. Type in a new name for the duplicate location or use the default name, which is ‘Automatic Copy.’
    4. Click the ‘Done’ button.

  5. Click the ‘Advanced’ button.
  6. Select the ‘WINS’ tab.
  7. In the ‘Workgroup’ field, enter your workgroup name.
  8. Click the ‘OK’ button.
  9. Click the ‘Apply’ button.
After you click the ‘Apply’ button, your network connection will be dropped. After a few moments, your network connection will be re-established, with the new workgroup name you created.
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