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Mac Printer Sharing: Mac Printer Sharing With Windows XP


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Using Your Shared Mac Printer With Windows XP
Mac Printer Sharing: Using Your Shared Printer

When sharing a printer, you may find that not all of the printer’s options are available to network users.

Using your Mac’s shared printer from your XP PC is no different than it would be if the printer were directly connected to your XP PC. All of your XP applications will see the shared printer just as if it were physically attached to your PC.

There are just a few points to keep in mind.

  • Your Mac must be turned on in order for the shared printer to be accessible on the network.
  • Some printer properties may not be accessible over the network. For example, you may not be able to determine the status of consumables on the shared printer, such as how much ink is left or whether the paper tray is empty. This varies from printer to printer, as well as from printer driver to printer driver.
  • Printing from the network may keep your Mac from going to sleep.
  • A sleeping Mac may not be able to respond to printer requests from networked PCs.
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