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Windows XP Printer Sharing With Mac OS X 10.5


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Printer Sharing - Add the Windows Printer to Your Mac (Leopard)

With the Windows printer and the computer it’s connected to active, and the printer set up for sharing, you’re ready to add the printer to your Mac.

Add the Shared Printer to Your Mac

  1. Launch System Preferences by clicking its icon in the Dock.
  2. Click the ‘Print & Fax’ icon in the System Preferences window.
  3. The Print & Fax window will display a list of currently configured printers and faxes that your Mac can use.
  4. Click the plus (+) sign, located just below the list of installed printers.
  5. The printer browser window will appear.
  6. Click the ‘Windows’ toolbar icon.
  7. Click the workgroup name in the first column of the three-pane printer browser window.
  8. Click the computer name of the Windows machine that has the shared printer connected to it.
  9. You may be asked to enter a user name and password for the computer you selected in the step above.
  10. Select the printer you configured for sharing from the list of printers in the third column of the three-pane window.
  11. From the Print Using dropdown menu, select the driver that the printer needs. The Generic PostScript Printer driver will work for almost all PostScript printers, but if you have a specific driver for the printer, click ‘Select a driver to use’ in the dropdown menu, and select the driver.
  12. Click the ‘Add’ button.
  13. Use the Default Printer dropdown menu to set the printer you want to use most often. The Print & Fax preferences pane tends to set the most recently added printer as the default, but you can easily change that by selecting a different printer.
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