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No Mac is an island. We’ll help you get your Mac connected to other Macs, the Internet, or Windows computers.
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Getting Windows 7 and Mac OS X to Play Together
Sharing Windows 7 and Mac OS X files and printers isn't a difficult process. But there are a few tricks and tips you need to be aware of to get your Windows 7 or Mac printers and files to be accessible to other users on your local network. To help you get Windows 7 and your Mac playing nicely together, I've collected these file and printer...

Use the Network Preference Pane to Change Your Mac's DNS Settings
Configuring your Mac's DNS (Domain Name Server) settings is a pretty straightforward process. Even so, there are a few subtle nuances to be aware of that will help you get the most out of your DNS server.

Faster Web Access: Test Your DNS Provider to Gain Faster Web Access
With namebench, a new tool from Google Code, you can run a series of bench tests on your DNS provider to see just how well the service is performing. Why is this important? Because when you're browsing the web, your Internet connection uses DNS to look up the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the web site you're trying to reach. How fast the lookup can be performed determines how soon your web br…

File Sharing With Mac OS X
File sharing with Mac OS X is a wonderfully straightforward operation. A few mouse clicks in the Sharing preferences pane and youre ready to go. One thing to note about file sharing: Apple changed the way file sharing works in OS X 10.5.x (Leopard), so that it work slightly differently than it did in OS X 10.4.x (Tiger).

Printer Sharing With Mac OS X and Windows
Printer sharing is a great way to economize on computing costs for your home, home office, or small business. By using one of several possible printer sharing techniques, you can allow multiple computers to share a single printer, and save yourself cash, time, and space. In ‘Printer Sharing With Mac OS X and Windows’ we will show you step-by-step instructions for sharing printers.

Set Up Mac Network Locations
If you use your Mac in more than one location, such as home and work, Network Locations can simplify the process of connecting to multiple networks.

Use Your Mac to Share a Web Site
OS X uses the well-known Apache web server for sharing web sites on a local network. Setting up web sharing is an easy task for Mac users.

Wireless Standards: What Do the Names Mean?
When it's time to select a wireless network to connect all of your computers, the toughest part may be trying to understand the names of all the different types of networks. What exactly do 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n mean anyway? Bradley Mitchell, About’s Guide to Wireless / Networking gives you the low down on each of the names.

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