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Lexmark C530dn Color Laser Printer

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By Tom Nelson and Mary F. O'Connor

Lexmark C530dn Color Laser Printer -Review of the Lexmark C530dn

Lexmark C530dn Color Laser Printer

Courtesy Lexmark International, Inc.

The Bottom Line

The Lexmark C530dn color laser printer is budget friendly and user friendly. It’s network ready out of the box, so you won’t need to buy an adapter or print server, and it’s easy to set up. It offers good to excellent output quality and fast output speeds, and has built-in duplexing capabilities, to help you save money on paper.

As a printer designed for business use, though, its paper-handling capacity is on the stingy side. Paper input is limited to a 250-sheet paper tray and a 100-sheet input tray, which means you and your office mates may waste a lot of time reloading paper.

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  • Built-in Ethernet.
  • Built-in duplex printing.
  • Very good to excellent text output quality.
  • Good to very good graphics output quality.


  • Large and heavy.
  • Limited paper handling capacity for office use.
  • Per-page printing costs are slightly higher than average.
  • Some dithering in large color images.


  • Mac, Windows, and Linux compatible
  • 128 MB RAM upgradeable to 640 MB
  • Up to 65,000 pages per month
  • USB 2.0 and Ethernet ports
  • Integrated duplex printing
  • One-year warranty

Guide Review - Lexmark C530dn Color Laser Printer

The Lexmark C530dn is a network-ready color laser printer designed for small business, although it’s affordable enough for home office use as well. Equipped with USB 2.0 and Ethernet ports, it’s easy to set up, at least once you get around its size and weight (about 57 lbs.).

The Lexmark C530dn has a number of features that are well suited to business use, not the least of which is speedy output. Because of their shared nature, workgroup printers are expected to turn jobs out quickly. The Lexmark C530dn performs all print processing internally, which frees your computer up quickly to move onto the next task. It also prints pages quickly, with a rating of up to 22 pages per minute for color documents, and up to 24 pages per minute for monochrome documents.

Also a plus for business use, the Lexmark C530dn includes printer drivers that are capable of emulating PostScript and PCL printing languages, making it a good choice for printing proofs of jobs you’ll be sending to commercial printers for final output.

Text output quality is very good to excellent, and easily readable, even at small font sizes. The output quality of line art, such as illustrations and maps, is also very good to excellent. The output quality of color charts, graphs, and similar graphics is generally good, although I noticed some dithering and other printing artifacts in large images and large blocks of color. The output quality of grayscale and color photos is quite good, although not good enough to pass muster with graphic designers and photographers. The Lexmark C530dn is a solid performer that is best suited to general-purpose use.

The Lexmark C530dn’s one real flaw for business use is its limited paper handling capacity. A single 250-sheet paper tray is on the decidedly lean side for a shared printer, and there’s no option to add another tray.

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User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
A big NO NO, Member kamranClear

This is a horrible printer. My konica minolta that I bought 8 years ago for 90$ gives better black & while prints than this 600$ lexmark printer. Initially the printer worked great, excellent colors. Then very soon it started printing gray backgrounds. AFter a little use, the print quality dropped from 9star to 3 start. It is very heavy and comparatively very loud. Toner cartridges include security features to discourage buying generic non-brand cartridges. The company has made every effort to make you buy expensive toner from them only. The printer comes with very little starter toner that would run out very quickly. It can not handle good quality glossy papers and jams the paper. Excessive recalibration -every 2 hrs or so is inconvenient and reduce the printer life, waste electricity and toner. After cleaning the waste bin at the bottom, i realized why the printer take so much toner. My hundreds of dollars of toner went into the collecter bin. what a waste of money.

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