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Readers' Choice Awards Winners 2012 - The Best of the Best in 8 Mac Categories


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Readers' Choice Awards 2012: Best Mac System Utility - CleanMyMac
Best Mac System Utility - CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac, winner of the Readers' Choice Awards 2012 Best Mac System Utility category.

And the winner is (where's the intern with the envelope?): CleanMyMac from MacPaw.

This is the second winning year in a row for CleanMyMac, which snared 40% of the vote this year after a close race with 1Password. The two apps exchanged leads a few times in the polling, but down the stretch, CleanMyMac took the lead and hung on.

CleanMyMac is a handy application for removing applications and the files they tend to leave behind. By cleaning up the debris from your Mac's drive, you can gain additional storage and give your Mac plenty of room to work in.

CleanMyMac 40%

1Password 30%

DiskWarrior 13%

TechTool Pro 9%

Little Snitch 6%

Note: Due to rounding errors, voting percentages may not total 100%.

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