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Readers' Choice Awards Winners 2012 - The Best of the Best in 8 Mac Categories


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Readers' Choice Awards 2012: Best Mac Home Theater App or Product - Plex
Best Mac Home Theater App or Product - Plex

Plex, winner of the Readers' Choice Awards 2012 in the Best Mac Home Theater Application or Product category.

Plex took the win once again, marking two years in a row for this versatile media center application. Plex stole the lead from the Apple TV in the last few days of voting, and just kept piling up the votes.

With two wins in as many years, this may be the beginning of another Readers' Choice Awards dynasty.

Plex 56%

Apple TV 22%

EyeTV 8%

Netflix Streaming 7%

Mac mini 5%

Note: Due to rounding errors, voting percentages may not total 100%.

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