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Readers' Choice Awards Winners 2012 - The Best of the Best in 8 Mac Categories


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Readers' Choice Awards 2012: Best Mac Peripheral Reseller - OWC
Best Mac Peripheral Reseller - Other World Computing

Other World Computing, winner of the Readers' Choice Awards 2012 in the Best Mac Peripheral Reseller category.

Other World Computing swept the Best Mac Peripheral Reseller category, a new category this year. What started as a heated competition between Other World Computing and Small Dog Electronics quickly turned into an out-and-out rout.

Other World Computing won with 92% of the vote, with most of the votes coming in the latter half of the polling period.

Other World Computing 92%

Small Dog Electronics 6%

New Egg 1%

Best Buy 1%

Note: Due to rounding errors, voting percentages may not total 100%.

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