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Reader's Choice Awards 2010: Let the Voting Begin for the Best Mac Applications


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Reader's Choice Awards 2010: Mac System Utilities
Reader's Choice Awards 2010: Vote for the Best Mac System Utility

Reader's Choice 2010 Nominees

The Best Mac System Utility category is for software designed primarily to enhance the capabilities of the OS. We selected the top five nominees in this category and now it's up to you to make the final decision.

Which Mac System Utility deserves to be this years Reader's Choice Winner? Our Reader's Choice Poll will open for voting on February 1, and closes on February 25. Winners will be announced in March.

Poll: Which Mac System Utility should be the Reader's Choice Winner?

Polling Has Closed

  • Default Folder X 4.3
  • MouseWizard 6
  • 1Password 3
  • DaisyDisk 1.3
  • MainMenu 2

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Click the appropriate link above to vote for your favorite Mac System Utility.

Default Folder X gives you quick access to folders you use often from within any Open or Save dialog box. You can assign a default folder for each application, so your work is always saved in the same place. You can also use a list of your favorite locations, recently used locations, or all currently open Finder windows, on the assumption that one of them is likely to be where the document you are currently working on is stored.
Default Folder X web site.

MouseWizard adds the ability to customize your Magic Mouse. With MouseWizard, you can add two more mouse buttons; a two-finger scroll gesture you can use for activating applications, such as Expose or Spaces; a true pinch gesture for zooming in or out; and a three-finger mouse click. MouseWizard also offers an interesting addition: covering the Magic Mouse surface with your hand puts your Mac to sleep.
MouseWizard web site

1Password is a password manager and strong password generator for the Mac. 1Password can operate in two distinct methods: as a stand-alone application or as a password manager that's integrated with your browser. You can also use it in both forms at the same time.
1Password web site

DaisyDisk is a simple idea at heart: an application that shows how your hard drive's space is being used. DaisyDisk scans your hard drive and displays the results on a color-coded sunburst map that resembles a daisy, with the hard drive as the center. DaisyDisk displays both the hierarchical structure of files and folder and the relative size of each.
DaisyDisk web site

MainMenu installs a menu item in the menu bar that gives you swift access to many of your Mac's hidden capabilities, such as running maintenance scripts, rebuilding the Spotlight index, and clearing out user and system caches, as well as your browser's cache.
MainMenu web site

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