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Reader's Choice Awards 2010: Let the Voting Begin for the Best Mac Applications


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Reader's Choice Awards 2010: Best Mac Email Client
Reader's Choice Awards 2010 - Vote for the Best Mac Email Client

Reader's Choice 2010 Nominees

The Best Mac Email Client category is open to any application that provides general-purpose email capabilities. Nominations may include email clients that run on an individual's Mac as well as web-based email clients.

We selected the top five nominees in this category and now it's up to you to make the final decision.

Which Mac Email Client deserves to be this year's Reader's Choice Winner? Our Reader's Choice Poll will open for voting on February 1, and closes on February 25. Winners will be announced in March.

Poll:Which Mac Email Client should be the Reader's Choice Winner?

Polling Has Closed

  • Apple Mail 4.2
  • Thunderbird 3.0
  • Eudora Pro 6.2
  • Entourage 2008
  • Mailsmith 2.2

View Results

Click the appropriate link above to vote for your favorite Mac Email Client.

Apple Mail ships with OS X and is the default email client for the Mac. It offers spam filtering, rules, smart folders, and of course, ease of use.
Apple Mail web site

Thunderbird from Mozilla is a full-featured, secure email client with lots of capabilities and options. Multiple ways to view, as well as tag, your email is a nice touch.
Thunderbird web site

Eudora Pro is one of the oldest email clients available for the Mac. It offers the modern features you'd expect, yet retains much of its classic styling.
Eudora Pro web site

Entourage is the email client Microsoft includes with current and past versions of Office for the Mac. It provides not only email but also calendar and to do list functionality, and lets you coordinate your calendars with multiple users.
Entourage web site

Mailsmith, originally published by Bare Bones Software and now being developed by StickShift software, is a free email client for OS X. Its strength is a powerful built-in editor, along with easy-to-use filters and spam detection.
Mailsmith web site

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