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The Complete List of Reader's Choice Awards 2010 Winners for About: Macs


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DaisyDisk: Reader's Choice Winner in the System Utility Category
DaisyDisk: Reader's Choice Winner in the System Utility Category

DaisyDisk 1.2, winner of the Reader's Choice Awards 2010.

DaisyDisk 1.3 took the Reader's Choice Award in the System Utility Category, though it wasn't easy. There was some stiff competition in this category, because About: Macs readers nominated contenders that made the outcome anything but predictable. But in the end, DaisyDisk prevailed, receiving 46% of the votes cast.

DaisyDisk is simply one of the best disk utilities for finding out how a hard drive's space is being used. If you have ever found yourself short on available disk space and wondered where it all went, DaisyDisk will not only tell you how much space each file and folder occupies, but also display the information in one of the most visually appealing and intuitive ways we have ever seen.

DaisyDisk review

DaisyDisk web site

The Runners-Up

1Password 3 - 32%

MouseWizard 6 - 9%

Default Folder X 4.3 - 7%

MainMenu 2 - 3%

Note: Rounding errors may result in voting percentage not totaling 100%.

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