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Unsubstantiated Mac-related news, predictions, and opinions. From fun to serious, all the Mac rumors we dare to print.
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Rumor - New iMacs in Q3 Will Use Intel 9 Series Haswell Processors and Chip Sets
New Intel chips will be released on May 10th 2014. With the Haswell 9 series available to computer manufacturers in May, Apple should be able to provide an iMac update in the late 3rd or early 4 quarter.

Rumors: What to Expect Between Now and WWDC 2014
Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference is a traditional time for Apple to announce new or updated products. This year, the annual June get-together is likely to see the first official public unveiling of iOS 8, as well as a look at the successor to OS X Mavericks.

Rumor: 12-inch MacBook Air Will Feature Thinner, Fan-less Design
Making the rumor rounds this week (March 24, 2014) is a report about a new 12-inch MacBook Air to be released sometime soon; well, at least before summer. The rumor can be traced to a single post on a Chinese forum called Weiphone.com. The author of the post has in the past posted accurate images of Apple products in the early manufacturing stage, although in this case, no images are included.

Rumor: Coming Soon: New Mac Mini and Apple TV Updates
Two rumors making the rounds suggest that in February 2014, Apple will launch a new Mac mini, and in March, the Apple TV will add support for games and Bluetooth-based game controllers, via a firmware update.

Apple's Year in Review 2011
Apple's year in review: Looking back at 2011, we see remarkable new products and services, as well as the passing of Apple's co-founder, Steve Jobs.

Apple’s Decade: A Look Back at Apple Through the 2000s
Apple’s Decade: About: Macs takes a look back at the events and products that defined the last decade for Apple. Just three years before the start of the decade, Apple was being written off as a computer company that was sliding into oblivion. In a relatively short period of time, Apple was able to pick itself up, become profitable, and then...

Best of 2000s' Apple's 10 Most Unforgettable Moments
Apple had a wide range of hits in the past decade, as well as a few misses. Together they make up the best and the worst of Apple’s performance in the 2000s.

World Wide Developers Conference 2009
Monday's WWDC keynote saw the introduction of new iPhones, MacBook Pros, A Look at Snow Leopard the next version of OS X, and somewhat unexpected announcements, low cost Snow Leopard upgrades. It also provided a bit of fun and some usual twists

NVIDIA Working on GPGPUs for Macs
According to AppleInsider, NVIDIA is working to bring GPGPUs (General-Purpose computing on Graphics Processing Units) to Mac graphics cards, most likely as a build-to-order option on future Mac Pros.

Is a Copy-and-Paste Function Finally Coming to iPhones?
Ever wonder why your iPhone lacks a copy-and-paste function? Well, the folks at SvenOnTech wondered the same thing. They tracked down the answer at Macworld SF 2008.

MacBook Air's Battery May Be User Replaceable
Apple doesn't list the MacBook Air's battery as being user replaceable. Instead, the company suggests visiting a service center when it's time for a replacement. After tearing down a loaner MacBook Air, the folks at Gizmodo report that the battery is easy to access and remove. The photos that originally accompanied the report have been taken down, but AppleInsider is still running the story.

Apple May Be Working on Extending Movie Rental Times
Macworld columnist Christopher Breen discovered that although the company hasn't said so publicly, Apple movie rentals may last longer than the prescribed 24-hour viewing period.

Netflix Streaming Coming to Macs in 2008
Streaming video has been available to Windows-based Netflix customers for some time. According to Silicon Alley Insider, Netflix plans to bring its streaming video service to Macs sometime this year.

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