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Dress Up Your Mac for Halloween

Add Halloween Screensavers, Icons, Wallpaper, Sounds, and More to Your Mac


Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. It's a time when the seasonal changes are at their peak. While some hardy flowers still linger, the cool days of autumn have already started turning the trees from the greens of summer to the vibrant hues of fall.

In the area we live in, the trees drop most of their leaves by Halloween. Although we don't usually see snow until mid November or even December, the chillier nights remind us that snow isn't all that far away.

Halloween is a time to enjoy the final fruits of the fall harvest, and try to prepare ourselves for winter. It's no wonder that Halloween has so many connections to various celebrations around the world, both religious and secular.

Every October, we decorate our home with the symbols of fall and Halloween; from harvest items, such as pumpkins, squash, and corn stalks, to holiday-themed items, such as bats, skeletons, and ghosts. And since I spend a great deal of time working at my Mac, I like to decorate it for Halloween, too, with screensavers, sounds, icons, wallpaper, and clip art. Once my Mac is fully outfitted for Halloween, it's been known to scare the bejeebers out of unsuspecting passers-by.

Besides getting your Mac into the Halloween spirit, you can also use your Mac to create Halloween-themed items for your home or a party. It can even help you create your own haunted house.

Once you have your Mac all set up for the holiday, stop by Reader Stories: Show Us Your Mac Desktop and share a screen shot of your Mac with everyone.

Halloween Wallpaper for Your Mac

Halloween Wallpaper for Your Mac
Courtesy of Halloween Wallpapers

You can use just about any image for your Mac desktop, so why not get into the Halloween mood by adding appropriately themed wallpaper?

Here's a list of some of our favorite web sites that have Halloween images you can use on your desktop.

Halloween Screen Savers for Macs

Halloween Screen Savers for Macs
Courtesy of Useless Creations

Screensavers add their own special charm to Macs outfitted for Halloween. While a screensaver can be as simple as a static image that displays when you're not working on your Mac, most Halloween screensavers use animation and sound to set the mood.

This list of screensavers ranges from scary zombies searching your desktop for snackies, to simple displays that are delightful and not the least bit scary. Take your pick, from fiendish to friendly.

Halloween Icons for OS X

Halloween Icons for OS X
Louie Mantia, Walt Disney Pictures

You may have already updated your Mac's desktop wallpaper with a Halloween theme, but why stop there? Switch out your usual desktop icons for ones that are silly or scary.

We've scoured the web for sources of free Halloween icons that you can use in place of your usual icons. Make your desktop just a bit more frightening, at least for the month of October.

Halloween Sounds for Your Mac

Halloween Sounds for Your Mac
Courtesy of Apple

This list of Halloween sounds includes music, dialog, and sound effects; everything you need to create a haunted Mac, haunted house, or just the background for a friendly get-together at home or at work.

You'll find everything from Boris Pickett's original "Monster Mash" song to squeaking doors, screams, and rattling chains. If that’s not enough for your Halloween sound track, there are also sound effects for iOS devices in the list.

Halloween Clip Art for Your Mac

Halloween Clip Art for Your Mac
Image courtesy The Graphics Fairy

Halloween clip art and your favorite desktop publishing program or word processor are a great way to create decorations for your home or office. With the collection of clip art we've assembled here, you can make everything from place settings to wall and door decorations.

But don’t stop there. With a bit of imagination, you can use the clip art to create masks and costumes for you, your kids, and even your pets.

Halloween Games for Your Mac

Halloween Games for Your Mac
Image courtesy MumboJumbo

We're certain that all of you hard-working readers have no free time for frivolous activities. If it's not one work assignment after another, it's fall cleanup or home repairs waiting to be tackled.

But just in case you do happen to find yourself with a little free time on your hands, try this collection of Halloween-themed games. All will run on the Mac, and most are appropriate for both adults and kids.

Halloween Fonts & Dingbats

Halloween Fonts & Dingbats
Image courtesy GemFonts

You can jazz up party invitations, decorations, placeholders, and more with this collection of fonts and dingbats. (Dingbats are ornaments, pictures, and special characters, not silly bats, although some of the dingbat collections may include silly bats.)

All of the fonts and dingbats in this list have a Halloween theme, from letters that drip blood or sport spider webs, to mummies, witches, and skeletons.

Most of the collections are free for personal use, but be sure to check the license if your plans include any type of commercial use.

Halloween E-Cards

Halloween E-Cards
Image courtesy Jacquie Lawson

If you don’t have time to create your own Halloween post cards and invitations, then this collection of e-cards may save the day. Select one or more cards, add your message, and then send them off to friends and family.

All of the cards have fun themes and visuals; many include animation, music, or sound effects. You may have as much fun browsing the selection of e-cards as your friends will have receiving them.

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