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Set Up Parental Controls on Your Mac


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Parental Controls - Content
Parental Controls - Set Up Parental Controls on Your Mac

You can restrict access to websites, and filter access to the dictionary

The 'Content' section of Parental Controls lets you control which web sites the managed user may visit. It also lets you place a filter on the included Dictionary application, to prevent access to profanity.

Set Up Content Filters

  1. Click the 'Content' tab.

  2. Place a check mark next to ‘Hide profanity in Dictionary’ if you wish to filter the included Dictionary application.

  3. The following web site restrictions are available from Parental Controls:
  • Allow unrestricted access to web sites. This is the same type of access a standard user would have to the web.

  • Try to limit access to adult web sites automatically. Web sites containing adult content will be restricted according to a proprietary method that Apple uses. You can click the ‘Customize’ button to add specific web sites to 'allow' or 'never allow' lists.

  • Allow access to only these web sites. Selecting this option produces a pre-populated list of well-known kid-friendly sites. You can add sites to the list, as well as remove sites from the list.
  • Make your selections.
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