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A collection of tips and tricks for iLife, iChat, iTunes, GarageBand, and other Apple software.

Use Terminal to Add a Login Message to OS X
Add a text message to your Mac's login window with these simple steps.

Save Your Mac's Battery - Spin Down Your Drive's Platters
You can increase the battery life of your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air by changing the time it waits before putting its hard drives to sleep.

Mac Battery Tips
Getting the best performance from your Mac portable's battery just got a whole lot easier with this collection of energy management tips.

Mac Tips for MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs
If you’re a portable Mac user, this collection of tips n trick will keep you and your Mac working and playing on the road longer.

Mac Performance Tips - Give Your Mac a Tuneup
Keep your in tip-top shape. This collection of Mac performance tips will keep your Mac performing as it should. All it takes is a few minutes of your time.

Adding Startup Sounds to Your Mac
One of the fun features of earlier Mac operating systems (System 9.x and earlier) was the ability to assign sound files to play at startup, shutdown, or other specific events. My Mac used to greet me every morning. It also played a Three Stooges sound file of Curly saying, "I'm trying to think but nothing happens" whenever it presented an error...

Talking Terminal - Your Mac Says Hello
"Say" is a terminal command that will speak anything you type after the command. You can try it out by launching Terminal, located at /Applications/Utilities, and then typing or copy/pasting the examples given here.

iTunes 10 - How to Create a Complex Smart Playlist in iTunes 10
iTunes 10 - How to Create a Complex Smart Playlist in iTunes 10: It's easy to set up playlists in iTunes, although it can be time consuming, particularly if you have a large library of songs (and who doesn't?). You can use the handy Smart Playlist feature to make iTunes do most of the work for you. Don't let the word 'complex" scare you. In just...

iTunes 10 - How to Rate Songs in iTunes 10
iTunes 10 - How to Rate Songs in iTunes 10: If you're like many of us, you have a gazillion songs in your iTunes Library, but you only listen to a relatively small group of them on a regular basis. Or, you listen to much, most, or even all of your library, but there are some songs that you like to hear more often than others. You can rate songs...

iTunes 10 - How to Create a Simple Smart Playlist in iTunes 10
iTunes 10 - How to Create a Simple Smart Playlist in iTunes 10: It's easy to set up playlists in iTunes, although it can be time consuming, particularly if you have a large library of songs (and who doesn't?). You can use the handy Smart Playlist feature to make iTunes do most of the work for you. You can create a Smart Playlist that's based on...

Magic Mouse Tracking Error - An Easy Fix for a Magic Mouse Tracking Problem
Magic Mouse Tracking Error: There are two common reasons for the Magic Mouse to exhibit hesitant tracking behavior. I addressed the first reason in the 'Magic Mouse Disconnects' article. The second reason is dirt in the optical tracking system.

iPhoto '11 - How to Upgrade to iPhoto '11
iPhoto '11: How to Upgrade to iPhoto '11: Upgrading from iPhoto '09 to iPhoto '11 is actually pretty easy. If you purchase iPhoto as part of iLife '11, just run the iLife '11 installer. If you purchase iPhoto '11 from Apple's Mac Store, the software will be automatically installed for you. But there are two things you should be sure to do; one...

How to Back Up Your iPhoto '11 Library
Back UP iPhoto '11: How to Back Up Your iPhoto Library: Digital photos are some of the most important and meaningful files you keep on your computer, and as with any important files, you should maintain current backups of them. If you've imported some or all of your photos into iPhoto '11, you should also back up your iPhoto Library on a regular...

iPhoto Libraries
iPhoto Libraries: How to Create Multiple Photo Libraries in iPhoto '11: By default, iPhoto stores all imported photos in a single photo library, but did you know that you can create additional photo libraries? This can be a great solution if you have a large number of photos, and need an easier way to manage them. This tip works for iPhoto '09...

Fix Magic Mouse Disconnects
Fix Magic Mouse Disconnects: There can be numerous reasons for a Magic Mouse to drop the Bluetooth connection, but in my experience, the most common reason is a loose battery terminal contact in the Magic Mouse.

Add a Desktop Printer in Leopard (OS X 10.5)
Create or restore a desktop printer in Leopard with this simple drag-and-drop technique.

iPhoto - Use iPhoto to Batch Change Photo Names
iPhoto has a batch change function that you can use to rename multiple photos at the same time. Batch changing iPhoto images is much easier than editing one image title at a time.

Use Calculator to Convert
Use Calculator to quickly convert from one popular unit of measure to another.

View Hidden Folders on Your Mac Using Terminal
Your Mac has a few secrets, hidden folders and files that are invisible to you. You can use Terminal, which is included with OS X, to force your Mac to reveal its secrets.

Add a Search Feature to an iWeb Blog
You can add a search feature to an iWeb-created blog with just a click of the mouse, using the iWeb Inspector.

Match Songs and Playlists in iTunes
iTunes lets you see which playlists each song in your iTunes library belongs to.

Move Rapidly Through a Song Track
Scrubbing, the process of moving quickly forward or backward through a song as it plays, is easy to do in iTunes.

Name Your iPhotos
You don’t have to live with the cryptic default names iPhoto uses for each picture you import. Instead, give them descriptive names.

Prevent iMovie From Using Rippling When You Trim a Clip
You can force iMovie not to ripple adjacent clips in a timeline by holding down the command key while you edit a clip.

Turn Your Keyboard Into a Piano
You can play your Mac keyboard like a grand piano or any other software-based instrument you load into GarageBand 3.

Restore Closed Safari 5 Tabs
Restore Closed Safari 5 Tabs: Safari 5 takes the pain out of accidentally closing a tab. When you make this common mistake, you can simply select the Safari 5 Edit menu. Instead of seeing a grayed out Undo command, you'll be greeted by an accessible Undo Close Tab, in the same spot in the menu.

Safari Extensions: Enabling and Installing Safari Extensions
Enabling and Installing Safari Extensions: With the advent of Safari 5, Apple brought official support for browser extensions to Safari. So now, as with Firefox and Chrome, you have the option of adding browser extensions that increase functionality or change the basic behavior of Safari.

Use iChat to Keep in Contact With Your Facebook Friends
Facebook has a built-in chat system that allows you to keep in contact with your confirmed Facebook friends. Because Facebook uses Jabber as its messaging system, you can use iChat as your messaging client instead of Facebook's built-in system.

Back Up or Move Your Safari Bookmarks to a New Mac
Back Up or Move Your Safari Bookmarks to a New Mac: Safari, Apple's popular web browser, has a lot going for it. It's easy to use, fast and versatile, and it adheres to web standards. It does, however, have one slightly annoying feature, or should I say it lacks a feature: a convenient way to import and export bookmarks.

Safari Develop Menu: Enable Safari’s Develop Menu
Safari Develop Menu: Enabling the Safari Develop menu brings a wealth of tools to web developers, as well as some helpful features for casual users.

Address Book - Tips for Using Apple's Address Book
Apple's Address Book is full of surprises and capabilities. Learn a few new Address Book tips from About: Macs that can help make you more productive.

How to Remove Safari Plug-ins
To remove Safari Plug-ins, you must delete or move the appropriate plug-in files from the Internet Plug-ins folder.

Safari Tune Up
Safari Tune Up: Optimizing Safari's performance is an easy way to ensure that you browse the web at the highest possible speed. Safari uses a collection of caches, a history list, and other techniques to help keep things speeding right along, but sometimes these performance techniques can lead to a slow down. Learn a few tricks to keep Safari...

Address Book Contacts
Back Up or Move Your Address Book Contacts to a New Mac: You’ve spent a long time building your Address Book contact list, so why aren’t you backing it up? Sure, Apple’s Time Machine will back up your contact list, but it’s not easy to restore just your Address Book data from a Time Machine backup.

iCal Calendar Backup
Back Up or Move Your iCal Calendars to a New Mac: The method I will describe allows you to save all of your iCal data into a single iCal archive file. By using this method, you can back up or move all of your iCal data, regardless of how many calendars you have set up or are subscribed to, into one single file. Now that’s the easy way to back up!

Moving Apple Mail: Transfer Your Apple Mail to a New Mac
Moving your Apple Mail to a new Mac, or to a new, clean install of the OS, may seem like a difficult task but it actually only requires saving three items and moving them to the new destination.

iPhoto Tips and Tricks
iPhoto is one of those applications that are simply must-haves. Yes, there are more robust image management applications, such as Aperture and Lightroom, but iPhoto is included with every new Mac. It's easy to use, and it can meet the needs of most users, including aspiring professional photographers. This, then, is a collection of iPhoto...

Reload Safari Top Sites
Reload Safari Top Sites: Safari's Top Sites feature can get bogged down if you lose your Internet connection, even for just a brief time. Whether the cause is your home network router, DNS issues, or your ISP going offline due to a severe storm in your area, an interrupted connection can sometimes cause the thumbnails in Safari Top Sites to...

How to Use iChat to Share Your Mac's Screen
iChat Screen Sharing: iChat, Apple's instant messaging client, has a unique feature that allows you to share your Mac desktop with an iChat buddy. iChat screen sharing lets you show off your desktop or ask a buddy for help with a problem. It also allows you to take control of a buddy's desktop to help him or her out with a problem.

The Safari Toolbar, Bookmarks Bar, Tab Bar, and Status Bar
It's easy to customize the Safari toolbar, as well as hide or show the bookmarks, tab, and status bars.

Don't Send a Link, Send the Whole Web Page
If you want to share a web page with a colleague or friend, don't just send a link; send the whole page. This tip shows you how to email a web page with Safari.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Safari
Optimize your web browsing time with these browser window shortcuts for Safari.

Shortcuts and the Safari Bookmarks Toolbar
There's a faster way to do almost everything. Here's a faster way to access some of the sites in your Safari Bookmarks toolbar.

How to Manage Your Mac's Sudden Motion Sensor (SMS)
You can manage your Mac's Sudden Motion Sensor with these Terminal commands.

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