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Mac Performance Tips – Close Your Browser

Browsers Can Accumulate Memory For each Page You Open


Mac Performance Tips – Close Your Browser

You can use Activity Monitor, a system utility included with OS X, to monitor RAM usage.

This tip is all about browsers that don't work quite the way they should. And as far as I can tell, that includes many of them. I tend to keep my browser open all day, because I'm constantly opening and closing web pages, doing research, keeping up with the news, checking the weather forecast, even playing an online game or two. Ideally, this isn't a problem. When I close a page or tab, the browser should release any memory it reserved. But this isn't an ideal world.

Depending on what content the browser is caching, its real memory usage can grow and grow, all day long. I've seen Safari end up claiming close to 20 percent of my available RAM. That's a problem, one that's easily fixed by simply quitting the browser once in awhile.

Browsers shouldn't keep that much RAM reserved. The problem is either a memory leak in the browser, or a problem with one of the many browser plug-ins or extensions. Either way, keep a check on your browser's usage by running Activity Monitor and watching the free and inactive memory pools.

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