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Snow Leopard Tip: Screen Shots in Preview

Use Preview to Take Screen Shots


Snow Leopard Tip - Screen Shots in Preview

Preview’s screen shot feature, using the ‘Selection’ option.

Preview, the PDF reader application that Apple includes with OS X, has gotten some nice upgrades with Snow Leopard. One upgrade you may find helpful is the new ability to take screen shots from within Preview.

You can take three types of screen shots:

  • Selection: Use your mouse cursor to define a rectangular region to capture.
  • Window: Select a window whose content you want to capture.
  • Entire Screen: This will capture your entire desktop after a 10-second countdown. The countdown gives you time to set up specific images you want to capture, such as a pull-down menu or a highlighted button.

Screen shots are opened in Preview and can be saved in various graphics formats, including PDF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF.

You'll find the various screen shot capture options under the File menu in Preview. If you've never used Preview, you can find it at /Applications.

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