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Use Disk Utility to Create a JBOD RAID Array


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Create a JBOD RAID Set: Using Your New JBOD RAID Set

JBOD set created and ready for use.

Now that you have finished creating your JBOD RAID set, here are a few tips about its use.


Although a concatenated disk set (your JBOD RAID array is not as susceptible to drive failure problems as a RAID 0 array, you should still have an active backup plan in place should you ever need to rebuild your JBOD RAID set.

Drive Failure

It is possible to lose one or more disks in a JBOD RAID due to hard drive failure, and still have access to the remaining data. That’s because data stored on a JBOD RAID set remains physically on individual disks. Files do not span volumes, so data on any remaining drives should be recoverable. That does not mean that recovering data is as simple as mounting a member of the JBOD RAID set and accessing it with the Mac’s Finder. (I have sometimes been able to simply mount a volume and gain access to the data without problems, but I wouldn’t count on it.) You will probably need to repair the drive and maybe even use a disk recovery application.

In order to be prepared for a drive failure, we need to ensure that we not only have backed up the data, but that we also have a backup strategy that goes beyond the casual, “Hey, I’ll back up my files tonight because I happened to think of it.”

Consider the use of backup software that runs on a predetermined schedule. Take a look at: Mac Backup Software, Hardware, and Guides for Your Mac

The above warning doesn’t mean that a JBOD RAID set is a bad idea. It’s a great way to effectively increase the size of the hard drive your Mac sees. It’s also a great way to recycle smaller drives you may have laying around from older Macs, or reuse the leftover drives from a recent upgrade.

No matter how you slice it, a JBOD RAID set is an inexpensive way to increase the size of a virtual hard drive on your Mac

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