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Use Disk Utility to Create a RAID 0 (Striped) Array


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RAID 0 Striped: What Is a RAID 0 Striped Array?
Create a RAID 0 Striped Set: Use Disk Utility to Create a RAID 0 Striped Set for Your Mac

You don't need Apple's Xserve RAID hardware to create your own RAID.

Courtesy of Apple

RAID 0, also know as stripe or striped, is one of the many RAID levels supported by OS X and Disk Utility. RAID 0 lets you assign two or more disks as a striped set. Once you create the striped set, your Mac will see it as a single disk drive. But when your Mac writes data to the RAID 0 striped set, the data will be distributed across all of the drives that make up the set. Because each disk has less to do, it takes less time to write the data. The same is true when reading data; instead of a single disk having to seek out and then send a large block of data, multiple disks each stream their part of the data stream. As a result, RAID 0 striped sets can provide a dynamic increase in disk performance, resulting in faster OS X performance on your Mac.

Of course with an up side (speed), there is almost always a down side; in this case, an increase in the potential for data loss caused by a drive failure. Since a RAID 0 striped set distributes data across multiple hard drives, the failure of a single drive in the RAID 0 striped set will result in the loss of all data on the RAID 0 array.

Because of the potential for data loss with a RAID 0 striped set, it is highly recommended that you have an effective backup strategy in place before you create the RAID 0 array.

A RAID 0 striped set is all about increasing speed and performance. This type of RAID can be a good choice for video editing, multimedia storage, and scratch space for applications, such as Photoshop, that benefit from faster drive access. It’s also a good choice for speed demons out there who want to achieve high performance just because they can.

If you have a need for speed, let’s get going!

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