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Mac Tips & Tricks for Working With Your Macintosh


Most folks think they’re getting plenty out of their computer once they know the fundamentals of the software applications and hardware they use the most. This is certainly true, but it’s also true that you can kick things up a notch by learning a few of the trips and tricks that professionals and savvy Mac users take for granted. Mac Tips & Tricks can help you be more productive, troubleshoot problems quickly and easily, save money with DIY projects, or just experiment with new ways of working with your Mac.

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  1. Snow Leopard Tips
  2. Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Finder Fun
  1. Terminal Madness
  2. DIY Projects
  3. Troubleshooting

Snow Leopard Tips

Snow Leopard was primarily designed to be a performance-boosting upgrade to Leopard, with few new features. Luckily for us, Apple engineers couldn’t resist adding some new features to Snow Leopard, as well as making some changes in how the underlying structure works. If you would like to be more productive, take a little time to check out some Snow Leopard features and tricks.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Mac may have introduced the mouse to the general public as the primary way to interact with a computer’s operating system and applications, but for sheer speed, keyboard shortcuts can get the job done faster. Keyboard shortcuts also provide ways to work with your Mac that can’t be duplicated with a mouse or touchpad.

Finder Fun

The Finder is the Mac’s file browser and application launcher. It’s also the most used application on nearly everyone’s Mac. Learning the ins and outs of the Finder and all of its nifty tricks can make you more productive.

Terminal Madness

Terminal is the Mac’s command line interface; it offers Mac users access to many of the Mac’s hidden features. One of the best tricks involves using Terminal to gain access to some of the hidden functions and capabilities of many Mac applications. By issuing a few simple Terminal commands, you can unlock many of the Mac’s secrets.

DIY Projects

One of the best tricks is saving money; saving a little cash can also be fun. Projects range from the super simple to the complex, but in every case we provide easy, step-by-step instructions.


Troubleshooting problems with your Mac hardware or software is never fun, but these tips can help you get everything working properly again.

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